EuroMillions Lottery: The Winners and Losers

Lotto Fever as US Mega Millions hits $415,000,000

If you thought the UK and European lottery jackpots got to life-changing sums then they really do pale into comparison with some of the big US rollovers. In America right now Lotto fever is sweeping each state as the Friday Mega Millions jackpot hits $415,000,000. While nowhere near a record, this jackpot is absolutely huge […]

Mr Gambles in Double Lottery Win

You really couldn’t make it up, and if you did no one would believe you. A man called Mr Gambles from Illinois has netted a $1,000,000 lottery win, and it comes nine years after a previous win with exactly the same numbers! A second lottery win for a man with a name like Mr Gambles, […]

Swansea Lottery Winner Loses £1,000,000

A EuroMillions winner from Swansea is now the unluckiest winner of all after claiming to fail a £1,000,000 Millionaire Maker prize. If it’s you, you might want to hope you never realise, as it’s too late to claim now, the prize was handed over to the Good Causes fund on 19th June and the winner […]

Family of Poisoned Lottery Winner Hit Out at Police

The family of a lottery winner who was poisoned with cyanide have hit out at the police for not investigating the crime. Urooj Khan scooped $1,000,000 on a scratch off ticket in Chicago in 2012, taking the lump sum and paying taxes he settled on a win worth $424,000. However, after posing with his win […]

New Zealand Holiday Maker Becomes EuroMillionaire

We all hope to bring something nice back when we go on holiday, but for one holidaymaker from New Zealand, that’s a bit of an understatement! Great Granny Diana De Gilio came to the UK to visit her best friend, and while she was here she purchased a EuroMillions ticket on UK shores. Now she […]

Sport Mad Lotto Winner Follows His Teams Around the World

We all like to dream about what we’d do if we won a bit Lotto jackpot and sport mad Matt Evans always said he’d follow his favourite teams around the world. A year ago he actually won a prize worth £2,600,000 and true to his word for the last year he’s been living out of […]

Jealous sister shoots jackpot winning brother in head

Jealous sister shoots jackpot winning brother in head

Jeffery Dampier won $20 million in the Illinois Lottery in 1996. Jeffery had grown up poor and was very generous with his winnings, but in scenes later echoed by the infamous case of Abraham Shakespeare he until he was kidnapped and murdered by his sister-in-law, Victoria Jackson in 2005. After Jeffery won the lottery in 1996 he moved […]

Cooley distillery

Lottery winner turns his love of Whiskey into a global business

When you think of some of the crazy things lottery winners have splashed out on with their booty, certain spoils spring immediately to mind from stories here at There was Paul and Thea Bristow, who spent some of their £15 million Lotto haul on buying up a 7-acre wood to save it from greedy […]

Mirlande Wilson

Memory loss of bare faced lie? What happened to Mirlande’s winning ticket…

Mirlande Wilson is one of the more fascinating lottery winners we have featured here at, after her claims of winning the big prize were brought into question when her ticket failed to show up. Wilson, 37, claimed that she was one of the lucky few US citizens to have become an instant multi-millionaire and bag […]

Mearle and Patricia Butler

Three amigos pocket an eyewatering $218m MegaMillions lottery win

We see some big old jackpots reported here at Euro Millions but Merle and Patricia Butler went down in lottery winning folklore when they won an astounding $218.6 million on the Mega Millions lottery in March, 2012. The sixty something couple from Red Bull, Illinois, shared the stunning jackpot prize of $656 million with an […]

Mary Wollens

Sweet dreams are made of…$16 Million lottery wins!

For most people, dreams consist of falling from tall buildings and waking up just before you hit the ground, scoring the winning goal in the World Cup Final, or going to a music festival run exclusively by the RAC where Elton John is wondering around accompanied by an entourage of girls pulling cars out of […]

Broken plane

World’s luckiest man escapes death multiple times and then wins lotto

Sometimes there are stories that are so unbelievable, top Hollywood producers on the lookout for the next blockbuster inspiration take one look at those extraordinary true-life tales and say: “Actually, we think we’ll pass. It’s just too damned ridiculous.” One of those tales to make it onto surely destined for the movie exec’s rubbish […]

Sharing a $390 million win on the MegaMillions lottery

Eddie Nabors and married couple Elaine and Harold Messner have gone down as some of the most envied people on the planet after they struck lucky by sharing a staggering $390 million Mega Millions jackpot back in March, 2007. Nabors, from Georgia, was just a simple 52 year old man working as a truck driver […]

Adriana Almeida

Gold digger widow accused of murdering Brazilian lotto winner

One of the most fascinating lottery winner stories reported here on is that of Renne Senna who was murdered by two hooded men in a bar in the Brazilian capital city of Rio back in January 2007. Renne’s turbulent story began in July 2005 when he was announced as the solitary winner of the Brazilian national […]

gangnam style

South Korean lotto winner loses it ‘Gangnam Style’

However, one of the targets of his satirical techno ditty could well have been a humble shop worker called Janite Lee, a Korean-American who won a fortune in the lottery – and promptly blew the lotto. Lee, who emigrated from South Korea as a child, was working in a wig shop when she bagged the […]

lottery newsagent

Newsagent who sold herself a winning lottery ticket ends up in court for fraud

“I will always remain a humble newsagent. Someone has to win; it was just lucky it was me.” So said Clevely’s Hayley Tarry, who bought a ticket for the EuroMillions draw one very lucky Friday 13th while cashing up in her cornershop, and promptly took down a prize worth over £500,000 when her numbers came […]

Tony and Greta Dodd

Strictly new knees for lottery winners

Most lottery winners’ stories tell of sports cars in the driveway, mock-Tudor mansions in leafy suburbs, and lavish holidays to the Caribbean. (And jail and bankruptcy, if most of the stories on the Euromillions website are to be believed.) Some winners often splash out on a bit of ‘reconstructive surgery’ for their wives – generally massive boob […]