A Shakespearian tragedy: Murder and lies follow $17million jackpot win

One of the most incredulous stories here at EuroMillions is that of Abraham Shakespeare, an illiterate ex-criminal whose luck turned around in 2006 after winning $17,000,000 the Florida lottery. But it didn’t last long. Shakespeare went missing in 2009 and a year later his bullet-ridden corpse was found under an acquaintance’s concrete patio.

Abraham Shakespeare after his jackpot win

Abraham Shakespeare after his jackpot win

A body found buried five-feet under fresh concrete slabs was discovered in January 2010 after an anonymous tip-off to Hillsborough police in Florida.

The body was that of Abraham Shakespeare, a lottery winner who had been missing for nearly ten months. He was found with two bullet holes through his chest.


Shakespeare won a $17million lump-sum jackpot after he and a fellow truck driver, Michael Ford were driving to Miami to deliver meat. They stopped to buy drinks and cigarettes. Ford asked Shakespeare if he wanted a soda and Shakespeare asked instead, for two lottery tickets.

Shakespeare said he paid for the tickets out of $5 he had on him.

Ford later asked for a share of the money, Shakespeare refused and Ford sued him, accusing him of stealing the two lottery tickets from his wallet. This was proved a lie and Ford was awarded nothing.

Shakespeare lived happily for many months. He was overwhelmed by his wealth and only ever bought a used Rolex watch, a new car and a $1 million mansion on Red Hawk Bend Drive in 2007.


Despite this, Shakespeare was virtually penniless at the time of his murder. Investigators accused Dorice “DeeDee” Moore of draining him of millions after they met in 2008. Before and after meeting Moore, Shakespeare spent, gave away or loaned the majority of his winnings.

It was uncovered that Moore befriended Shakespeare, claiming she was going to write a book on his life. However, no book was ever written. Instead, Moore set up a corporation in her name, called “Abraham Shakespeare LLC,” with her name as a signatory. She then transferred more than $1 million into the account. Moore later went to Bank of America, charged Shakespeare with criminal activity, and got Bank of America to remove Shakespeare’s name from the corporation. By the time of his death all of Shakespeare’s money and assets legally belonged to Moore.

Before police found Shakespeare’s dead body, Moore claimed Shakespeare decided to leave town. She said he’d disappeared to avariety of places including, Texas, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. She then changed her story and said he was in a hospital. Moore even claimed that, sick of people asking him for money, Shakespeare left town,

She continued to tell a huge variety of different stories until his body was uncovered beneath a patio belonging to a house that was in her boyfriend’s name.

Moore told police that drug dealers had killed Shakespeare, that her 14-year-old son had committed the crime, and later that she killed him in self-defence. Her stories never once added up.


Moore was found guilty on the charge of 1st Degree Pre-meditated Murder.

Prosecutors have also charged Moore with illegal wiretapping. The judge on the case suspected Shakespeare had begun to ask questions about his money and expressed concerns about his dealings with Dee Dee Moore and so she killed him.

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