Secret Lottery Win Helped Meghan Markle to the Jetset

If you hadn’t heard of Meghan Markle before this year, chances are you now know who she is. The successful actress and Suits star is now hotly tipped to become British royalty as her romance with Prince Harry gets more serious, but now her half brother has stepped forward to say it all might be down to a secret lottery win!

Markle’s half brother Tom says that her father had a secret lottery win, worth close to a million dollars. He says this win allowed her father to start the ball rolling which led her onto the path she’s on today.

He claims that it’s only thanks to this win that Markle was able to attend top schools, enter college and become the star she is today, a chain of events that led her directly into the path of Prince Harry.

Whatever started Meghan Markle on this path, she doesn’t look as though she’s leaving it any time soon. The actress has quit her Suits role among rumours that she is to permanently move to the UK and marry Prince Harry. Rumours this week would suggest that she is making arrangements to bring her much loved dogs with her, and it seems that while her dad may have won a small lottery, Markle has won the lottery of life.

As the lottery win was secret, sources only have half-brother Tom’s word for the win, but if true it goes to show that even the smallest bit of lottery luck can set you on the road for brilliant things!

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