US Lottery Jackpots are Soaring

We’ve only just recovered from the big EuroMillions rollover in the UK and Europe but right now in the US, lottery players are caught up in lotto fever as both multi-state lotteries offer staggeringly large jackpots.

The Powerball and Mega Millions are the two US multi-state draws and neither has been won for weeks and weeks. Combined they make over $600,000,000 and that’s plenty to get players rather excited!

The Powerball Lottery has not been won for weeks and with the next draw on Wednesday night, players are buying tickets in droves. The multiple rollover has pushed the top prize up to a massive $348,000,000, a life changing sum in anyone’s eyes.

The other multi-state draw, the Mega Millions is in a similar, breathtaking state. Again it’s been weeks since the top prize has been won and this Tuesday night there’ll be a staggering $265,000,000 up for grabs.

Together, that makes over $600,000 for US lottery players to compete for, and players around the world who play online too.

US jackpots work a little differently to ours and are eligible to lump sum reductions and taxes, but even when you take these into consideration there’s still plenty to get excited about with the multi-state draws this week.

The US is known for its big lottery jackpots, with no cap on how high they can get and that could mean that both of these top prizes could grow a considerable amount yet before we see a winner. That said, we’re hoping players are lucky with their tickets this coming week!

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