Mega Millions Jackpot Approaching $500,000,000

We talk often of life-changing lottery jackpots but maybe none quite so life-changing as the current US Mega Millions jackpot, which after a string of rollovers has climbed to a staggering $493,000,000 for the next draw.

The Mega Millions jackpot began growing in the first week of May, and no one has won it since. It’s not quite the highest the top prize has ever been for the lottery, but it’s inspiring lottery hype across the US.

The Mega Millions is one of two multi-state lottery draws in the US, and thanks to changes to the rules a couple of years ago, it’s now available in almost all American states. This jackpot is creating a frenzy of ticket sales as players across America attempt to be in with a chance at this top prize!

Mega Millions draws take place twice weekly – every Tuesday and Friday night – and the next draw is on Tuesday when this $493,000,000 prize goes up for grabs. If not won on Tuesday night, it’s likely the jackpot will exceed the next milestone, creating a bumper jackpot for the weekend.

US lottery draws do differ slightly from other lottery draws around the world in that they are taxable and offer annuity payments; this can reduce the jackpot quite considerably, for instance $493,000,000 is $296,000,000 if you take the cash option, and then there’s the tax to think about, too. That said, this is still a pretty life-changing sum and after rolling for so long, we’re starting to wonder where this jackpot may end up if it isn’t won soon!

The US is fast becoming the home of record lottery jackpots. Will this be another one?

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