US Lottery Jackpots Climb to $1bn

We’ve been watching the big multi-state US jackpots climb for weeks but right now they are reaching record breaking proportions with a combined jackpot this week of almost $1 billion!

The Mega Millions jackpot for this coming Tuesday is $654,000,000, close to a record jackpot for the lottery. The biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever won was worth $656,000,000 and brisk ticket sales could easily mean that this week the Mega Millions tips its record jackpot, creating a new record.

Because of the way that US lottery jackpots work, the cash option for that huge Mega Millions jackpot is actually $372,000,000, and taxable too, but it is still a huge win for any player who manages to match all the winning numbers.

In other news the Powerball jackpot is almost making waves. It’s not climbing quite so quickly but it is up to $345,000,000. It’s not a record, it’s the seventeenth biggest in the history of the draw, but it takes the combined jackpots to a billion dollars and that in itself is big news!

Anyone taking the cash option for the Powerball will collect a taxable $199,000,000, but this is still a princely sum for any player who can match the jackpot selection.

Right now across the US lottery fever is sweeping the country as players head out in their droves to pick up tickets for the big draws and their chance at one of the biggest prizes in US lottery history. There’s no guarantee either jackpot will be won this week and we’ll be watching the outcomes with interest!

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