Jackpot winner kills friends in drug fuelled car accident

When Victoria Zell and her husband decided to divorce little did Victoria know her husband was soon to win the lottery. But that was the best it was getting for Victoria, for a very long time.

Money can't buy freedom

Money can’t buy freedom

Unlike in a similar incident where a husband was suspected of murdering his wife squandered a fortune in secret, her soon to be ex-husband split his $11million powerball win with her.

In 2001, the couple who lived in Minnesotta took their separate fortunes and began their single lives.

Nearly four years later in 2005 Victoria Zell was convicted of four counts of criminal vehicular homicide and four counts of criminal vehicular operation.


In four years, she had lost everything and was facing a lifetime in jail.

Victoria had crashed into another car after travelling at high speeds after telling her friends she’s show them how to “drive crazy.”

The crash killed one of her passengers and paralyzed the other. Her car had been travelling above 59mph when it  ran two stop signs. It hit a pick up truck, spun and crashed into a tree. Court documents say Zell was drunk and high on methamphetamine and cocaine when she crashed.

Between the incident and the trial, Zell was charged with possession of crystal meth twice. Once when she was in jail for violating the terms of her bail.

Victoria was sentenced to seven years and three months in jail.

The woman who was paralysed sued Victoria for $2.7 million, saying it had ruined her life as she was unable to even hold her baby.

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