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Win Lottery Book

7x Powerball Winner Writes a Book On How To Win Lottery

Sometimes, but not often we may bring you a story about a lottery winner who has been lucky enough to win two big prizes on the lottery but it’s a rare occurrence. However today we’re talking about Richard Lustig who has won seven large lottery prizes and has now written a book about his experiences […]

souvenir shop millionaire

Man Goes on Vacation, Brings Back $1 Million Souvenir

We all like to bring a little something back when we’ve been on vacation and for one lucky holiday maker that was much more than he bargained for as the Virginia Lottery announced that a vacationer has scooped a $1,000,000 prize. Jonathan Jones was vacationing with his family in Busch Gardens amusement park in Virginia […]

Teen Wins Lottery Twice

Californian Teen Wins Lottery Twice in One Week

Lottery wins, like lightning rarely strike twice but for one lucky Californian teenager, lady luck is sending firebolts. Nineteen year old Rosa Dominguez has become a double winner on the California Lottery, scooping two wins in a single week! Rosa recently stopped at a gas station in Paso Robles in California on her drive home […]

Wins Retirement Fund

Worker Buys Lotto Ticket, Wins Retirement Fund

Patricia Dioguardi is just a year from retirement at her job with Wegmans having worked for the firm for the last 27 years. Last week her horoscope said she would win something big so she treated herself to a $5 scratch off ticket from the New York State Lottery and to her surprise, won her […]

Blessed Powerball Winner

$1,000,000 Powerball Winner Says She’s Already Blessed

The winner of a recent $1,000,000 Powerball prize says she plans to help others, but won’t be changing her own life much with the win as she’s already blessed. Melinda Rother from Grand Island, Nebraska scooped the prize after matching five numbers in Saturday’s Powerball scooping $1,000,000. She has been purchasing tickets from Casey’s General […]

Drug Dealing Lottery

Drug Dealing Lottery Winner Jailed for 21 Years

If you won $3,000,000 on a scratchcard you might be tempted to make an investment or two, but you’d want to make sure those investments were sound. When Ronnie Music Jr of Waycross, Georgia won $3,000,000 he decided to invest that win in a large methamphetamine operation, a decision he may now be regretting after […]

Teenager Wins Lottery

Teenager Wins Lottery, Hands Cash to Parents

A teenage lottery winner from the US has collected his prize and handed most of it straight to his parents! The anonymous 19-year-old from Michigan won $500,000 on a lottery scratchcard, a massive win, but he says although he’s taken $5,000 to invest he’s given the rest to his parents as gratitude for everything they […]

NY 10million Scratch Off

New York Couple Win $10,000,000 Scratch Off

A couple from Poughkeepsie, north of New York City have made lottery history becoming the biggest winners ever in the state of New York after scooping $10,000,000 on a lottery scratch off! The couple, who so far remain anonymous decided to buy a $30 ticket for a special 50th anniversary scratch off game last week […]

women who kill

Woman Convicted of Murdering Lottery Winner Protests Innocence

Many people will remember the case of Dee Dee Moore, imprisoned in 2012 for murdering lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare. The case shook America as the $30,000,000 lottery winner was murdered in cold blood. Dee Dee was arrested in 2012, six years after Shakespeare went missing after his body was found under a slab behind her […]

Snow day lottery

Oregon Man Becomes Snow Day Lotto Winner

When the weather outside is frightful there’s not much to do but have a snow day and maybe spend some time at home catching up on chores. This was the case for Joemel Panisa of Logsden, Oregon who was stuck at home in the snow last week. As he couldn’t leave the house he decided […]