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Finding Lottery Winner

Kansas Shop Staff Praised for Finding $1,000,000 Lottery Winner

Shop staff in Kansas have been praised for their integrity after tracking down a $1,000,000 lottery winner after they left the shop without their ticket. The ticket was brought into the Pit Stop convenience store in the city of Salina, Kansas to be checked. The winner handed staff member Andy Patel two tickets and asked […]

NJ MegaMillions Winner

Single Ticket Holder Scoops $521,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot

In the last few weeks we’ve seen both the Powerball and Mega Millions Jackpots soar. Last week we brought you the news that the Powerball jackpot had found a winner and now a single winner has scooped the $521,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot becoming the fourth biggest lottery winner in Mega Millions history. Lottery officials have […]

Pennsylvania Powerball Winner

Massive US Powerball Winner is from Pennsylvania

Last week the eighth biggest lottery prize in US Powerball history was won after a single player matched all the numbers in a $456,700,000 draw. The ticket matched all the white balls, and that red Powerball scooping the lot and becoming one of the biggest winners ever seen on the draw. Now the news has […]

Lottery Winner Jailed

Lottery Winner Faces Jail For Robbing Banks

A jackpot winner who scooped a prize close to $20,000,000 on California’s SuperLotto is facing a life behind bars after robbing banks to fund his heroin addiction. 55-year old James Hayes saw his life take a turn for the better back in 1998 when he won the jackpot of the Californian SuperLotto but now he’s […]

US Jackpots Soaring

US Lottery Jackpots are Soaring

We’ve only just recovered from the big EuroMillions rollover in the UK and Europe but right now in the US, lottery players are caught up in lotto fever as both multi-state lotteries offer staggeringly large jackpots. The Powerball and Mega Millions are the two US multi-state draws and neither has been won for weeks and […]

Powerball Winner Anonymity

$535m Powerball Winner Fights to Retain Anonymity

A New Hampshire Powerball winner who scooped a massive jackpot worth $535,000,000 is refusing to claim her prize and is embroiled in battle with lottery officials over the release of her name once she claims her prize. The lottery winner was both excited and terrified to realise she’d won the staggeringly large Powerball jackpot, a […]

Lotto Winner Cancer

Lotto Winner Loses Cancer Battle Just Three Weeks After Win

When carpenter Donald Savastano of New York won $1,000,000 on a scratchcard earlier this year he thought it was the answer to all his dreams. Self employed and with little saved for the future, he had no retirement plan when he bought a $10 lottery ticket on a whim, but he got lucky and scooped […]

Liquor Store Theft

Liquor Store Worker Caught Trying to Steal $600 Lottery Ticket

A cashier from Florida has been caught trying to steal a $600 winning lottery ticket in an undercover sting. Crystelle Baton worked at the Winn-Dixie Liquors store in Fort Meyers in Florida where she tried to cheat a customer out of a $600 lottery win, unlucky for her, the customer was actually an undercover lottery […]

Fake Money Lottery Win

Woman Bought Lottery Ticket with Fake Money

Authorities in Nebraska, USA are asking the public for help to trace a woman who bought a winning lottery ticket with a counterfeit bank note! The lady purchased a scratch off ticket with a $100 note but after she left the store it was discovered that the note was actually fake. The unidentified woman walked […]

MegaMillions Winner

$450,000,000 Mega Millions Winner Named

Last week we brought you the news that a massive Mega Millions prize had been won, and with that news we explained that in Florida, where the ticket was sold players aren’t allowed to remain anonymous. Well, now the $450,000,000 winner has been named and it’s Shane Missler, a 20-year-old from Port Richey, Florida. Missler […]