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Unclaimed Prizes Falling

Unclaimed Prizes Finally Falling in the UK

Since the lottery launched back in 1994, unclaimed prizes have been a bit of an issue. Then a new century came and online purchasing became the norm for people and it was thought that unclaimed prizes would be a thing of the past, but they still continued to the tune of many million each year. […]

Raiders Stole Scratchcards

Raiders Stole Scratchcards Before Colliding with Police Car

A court in the UK has heard that thieves targeted National Lottery scratchcards when they used a concrete slab to smash their way into a local shop in Epworth near Scunthorpe in October last year. Nigel McKenna of Scunthorpe and Duncan Robinson of Haxey admitted the crime in court this week, after events on October […]

Powerball Winner Anonymity

$535m Powerball Winner Fights to Retain Anonymity

A New Hampshire Powerball winner who scooped a massive jackpot worth $535,000,000 is refusing to claim her prize and is embroiled in battle with lottery officials over the release of her name once she claims her prize. The lottery winner was both excited and terrified to realise she’d won the staggeringly large Powerball jackpot, a […]

University Student Millionaire

University Student Graduates to Millionaredom

Alex Best just graduated from the University of Bolton last September, hoping to have a career as a music producer. But now he’s graduated from the EuroMillions Hall of Fame too, collecting a £1,000,000 Millionaire Maker prize! The 21-year old loves music, but three years at university have taken their toll financially, and this can […]

Lotto Winner Cancer

Lotto Winner Loses Cancer Battle Just Three Weeks After Win

When carpenter Donald Savastano of New York won $1,000,000 on a scratchcard earlier this year he thought it was the answer to all his dreams. Self employed and with little saved for the future, he had no retirement plan when he bought a $10 lottery ticket on a whim, but he got lucky and scooped […]

EuroMillions Tops 101Million

EuroMillions Jackpot tops £100,000,000!

The EuroMillions can often be relied on to create some big bumper jackpots and the last one we saw was back in December when the top prize reached £119,000,000! We’ve seen one smaller jackpot winner since then, but nothing since the New Year. With no jackpot winner in 2018, and the calendar switching to February, […]

Liquor Store Theft

Liquor Store Worker Caught Trying to Steal $600 Lottery Ticket

A cashier from Florida has been caught trying to steal a $600 winning lottery ticket in an undercover sting. Crystelle Baton worked at the Winn-Dixie Liquors store in Fort Meyers in Florida where she tried to cheat a customer out of a $600 lottery win, unlucky for her, the customer was actually an undercover lottery […]

Country Home

Lottery Couple Buy Tom Jones Former Country Home

How could we forget Dave and Angela Dawes? Not only did they win more than €100,000,000 back in 2011, but they avoided the fabled ‘winners curse’ and are still together. Now they’ve made a house purchase, buying a house formerly owned by Tom Jones. The £4,000,000 manor house was formerly co-owned by Tom Jones and […]

Irish Lotto Border Winner

Irish Lotto Calls for Border Winner to Come Forward

Living on the border between Northern Ireland and Eire comes with some advantages, such as the ability to buy lottery tickets for both the UK Lotto and the Irish Lotto. As the North is part of Britain the UK Lotto plays there, but over the border and the tickets switch to the Irish Lotto. On […]

Footballer Wins Millions

Footballer Wins €1,000,000 from Christmas Card Ticket

Kevin O’Connor may already feel like he’s won the lottery, at just 22-years old he’s a defender for Preston North End football club earning £10,000 a week. But now he’s €1,000,000 richer after a festive lottery win, and what’s more the ticket was a gift from his uncle inside a Christmas card. He won the […]