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Lottery Prize Expires

£1,000,000 Lottery Prize Expires This Week

A EuroMillions prize worth £1,000,000 will expire this week and go to the Good Causes fund if the winner cannot be found. The player has until close of day on 25th June to claim the prize, outstanding for the last 6 months or the entire prize and any interest accrued will be given to charity. […]

Lottery Chat Up

Married Lottery Winner Used “Google Me” Chat up Line

A married lottery winner is the latest victim of what the media call ‘the EuroMillions curse’ after splitting with his wife. Gareth Bull and his wife Catherine won £41,000,000 on the EuroMillions back in 2012 but it’s thought the couple are now separated after Mr Bull’s philandering with mum of four Donna Desporte. It’s said […]

Lottery Winner Jail

Lotto Winner Imprisoned After Claiming Pension Credits

Patrick Ronan became one of the lucky ones when he scooped a Lotto win worth £1,900,000, but despite the bulging bank account the pensioner continued to claim pension credits, to the tune of almost £80,000. Earlier this year we brought you the news that this crime had come to light and now the pensioner has […]

Sydney 1997 lottery

Sydney Man Attempts to Sue over 1997 Lottery Prize

David Renshaw from Syndey has attempted to sue NSW Lotteries over a twenty year old lottery prize. Renshaw claims he bought the winning ticket for the $3,300,000 jackpot and that he checked it at a local store, however despite stating the machine said he was a ‘provisional winner’ the shopkeeper said he hadn’t won and […]

Lotto Sales Down

Lottery Sales down after Rule Changes

A report has shown that lottery sales in the UK fell £670,000,000 last year after changes to the rules and number system. The controversial changes brought much criticism and now it seems the figures show that the additional numbers and changes to the lottery’s structure have hit Camelot in the pocket and had a knock […]

1million in handbag

Dundee Mum Carries £1,000,000 Ticket Around for Weeks

How many times have you bought an extra lottery ticket for a big draw, thrown it in your handbag and forgot about it? One lucky Dundee mum has just checked such a ticket to find it’s a £1,000,000 ticket! Shaheen Akhtar from Dundee picked up a ticket when the EuroMillions jackpot was rolling over, as […]

Stealing Winning Ticket

Shopkeeper Jailed for Stealing Winning Ticket

A respected shopkeeper has been shamed and jailed after conning a customer out of a winning lottery ticket. Kartik Shah was thought to be a pillar of his local community in Surrey but has now been jailed for eight months after admitting fraud. The court heard that the offence was committed on 5th October last […]

Big EuroMillions Rollover

Picking the Winning Numbers for the Big EuroMillions Rollover

If you’re in one of the countries participating in the big EuroMillions rollover this Friday night then you might be wondering how to pick the winning numbers. The jackpot is a staggering €150,000,000 after weeks of rollovers and ticket sales are high as everyone hopes to get their hands on the pot! Sadly we can’t […]

40million Oz Lotto

Struggling Young Mother Scoops $40,000,000 Oz Lotto Prize

A young mother from Queensland is about to find life a lot easier after scooping an Oz Lotto jackpot worth a staggering $40,000,000! Right now the unnamed lady is in a spin, coming to terms with being the third biggest Oz Lotto winner this year, but she’s already formulating plans for what to do with […]

LottoWinner Son Sues

Lottery Winner’s Son Sued Father for More Cash

A man who was given more than £1,600,000 by his father after a big EuroMillions win has had a claim for more cash thrown out by a judge. Dave and Angie Dawes won £101,000,000 on the EuroMillions lottery back in 2011, becoming one of the biggest ever winners in the draw’s history. The couple are […]