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Oz Powerball Winner

Time Running out for $55,000,000 Oz Powerball Winner

If you buy tickets for the Oz Powerball then you might want to listen up as there’s a $55,000,000 winning ticket up for grabs the no-one has claimed. The ticket was sold in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick in January and the store knows they sold the ticket to a woman and now the newsagents […]

Finding Lottery Winner

Kansas Shop Staff Praised for Finding $1,000,000 Lottery Winner

Shop staff in Kansas have been praised for their integrity after tracking down a $1,000,000 lottery winner after they left the shop without their ticket. The ticket was brought into the Pit Stop convenience store in the city of Salina, Kansas to be checked. The winner handed staff member Andy Patel two tickets and asked […]

Second My Million

French Player Wins Second My Million Prize

The My Million is the French equivalent to the Millionaire Maker or Raffle draw we have here in the UK and accompanies the French EuroMillions draw but is for French players only. Just like our own raffle, winning is a once in a lifetime experience, but not for one lucky player. The man from South […]

Three Lotto Wins

Australian Man Wins Lotto Three Times in 17 Days

You can file this under things that are virtually unheard of! Former Undertaker Carlos Massetti wasn’t having the best time in life after his marriage broke up but now he has plenty to celebrate after a string of lottery wins. The man, from the Bondi area of Australia was a AUS$l,000,000 division one prize winner […]

Two EuroMillions Winners

Two Share Massive EuroMillions Jackpot

After six consecutive rollovers the Friday night EuroMillions, the first draw of June, boasted a staggeringly huge jackpot. The top prize was estimated at €75,000,000 and came in just below that, and after no winner for six draws, two came along at once as two tickets sold matched all seven winning numbers in Friday’s draw. […]

Luckiest Place in Ireland

Have We Found the Luckiest Place in Ireland to Work?

A lottery syndicate from Hurley’s SuperValu in Middleton, Co. Cork in Ireland have just scooped a lottery win worth €62,271, and while that wouldn’t usually be a story in itself, it’s the second winning syndicate from the company in recent weeks! Now people are wondering if it’s Ireland’s luckiest place to work as a twist […]

Lotterys 5000th Millionaire

Slough Couple Becomes National Lottery’s 5,000th Millionaire

A couple from Slough have scooped a Lotto win worth a massive £21,000,000 and in doing so have become the National Lottery’s 5,000th millionaire. Donna and David Stickley from Slough play the Lotto every week with Donna collecting a ticket on her way home from work every Friday. However, last week they didn’t check the […]

Wins Lottery Twice

Australian Player Wins Lottery Twice in a Week

There’s lucky and then there’s LUCKY and for one Australian lottery player Lady Luck visited two times as he won the lottery twice last week, no joke! The unnamed player from Sydney, lives in the suburb of Bondi and regular plays the lottery. Last Monday he won $1,020,487 and could hardly believe his luck! It’s […]

Nurses Syndicate Winners

Nurses Syndicate Scoops £1,000,000

I think we can all agree that nurses are overworked and underappreciated within our underfunded NHS, they’re the angels who ensure that everything runs smoothly and they don’t always get much credit. Well it seems for one group of nurses, Lady Luck wanted to show her appreciation as a syndicate of nurses scooped a £1,000,000 […]

Retirement Lottery Win

Man Wins Lottery on Day He Retires

We all hope for a prosperous retirement, no one wants all that freedom that retiring brings with no cash to enjoy it. Ping Kuem Shum decided to retire on his birthday on 28th April, giving him two things to celebrate in one day but the things to celebrate grew as he won a lottery jackpot […]