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Win Lottery Book

7x Powerball Winner Writes a Book On How To Win Lottery

Sometimes, but not often we may bring you a story about a lottery winner who has been lucky enough to win two big prizes on the lottery but it’s a rare occurrence. However today we’re talking about Richard Lustig who has won seven large lottery prizes and has now written a book about his experiences […]

British EuroMillions Winner

British EuroMillions Winner Finally Steps Forward

The winner of the big EuroMillions rollover from 28th July EuroMillions jackpot has finally come forward after several appeals for the winner. The final draw of July boasted a rollover jackpot worth a massive £51,000,000 after rolling for several draws. Hours after the draw, Camelot announced that the winning EuroMillions ticket was sold in the […]

souvenir shop millionaire

Man Goes on Vacation, Brings Back $1 Million Souvenir

We all like to bring a little something back when we’ve been on vacation and for one lucky holiday maker that was much more than he bargained for as the Virginia Lottery announced that a vacationer has scooped a $1,000,000 prize. Jonathan Jones was vacationing with his family in Busch Gardens amusement park in Virginia […]

Canadian Second Lotto win

Canadian Man Scoops Second Big Lotto Prize

A lucky Canadian lottery player from Quebec has scooped a big lottery prize, and while that isn’t news in itself, the fact that he won previously, nine years ago makes this a lightning strikes twice kind of story. The 69-year-old retiree, Jules Parent won the Loto Quebec last week. He’s naturally thrilled after scooping $1,220,000 […]

Case of Euphoria

Lottery Winner Diagnosed with “Case of Euphoria” After Collapse

The latest New Zealand lottery millionaire got more than he bargained for after winning the lottery, when the shock of the win made him quite ill. Lou Te Keeti was rushed to hospital last month when he collapsed, but it transpired that he had just seen that the jackpot win had been added to his […]

EuroMillions Winners Robbed

EuroMillions Winners Held by Masked Robbers

A UK lottery winner has been through a terrifying experience after masked robbers broke into his home. EuroMillions winner Neil Trotter and his partner Nicky Ottaway have spoken of their horror after masked raiders attempted to break into their £5,000,000 mansion. The couple scooped £107,932,603, becoming the UK’s fourth biggest EuroMillions winners back in March […]

NZ Powerball Glitch

NZ Powerball Lotto Glitch Leaves Players Angry

Lottery machines around the world are generally fine tuned to perfection and we rarely hear of problems or issues. The bigger the lottery the higher the regulation and checks, so it’s surprising to hear that a second Powerball had to be drawn in the last New Zealand Powerball draw, after a glitch showed the winning […]

Teen Wins Lottery Twice

Californian Teen Wins Lottery Twice in One Week

Lottery wins, like lightning rarely strike twice but for one lucky Californian teenager, lady luck is sending firebolts. Nineteen year old Rosa Dominguez has become a double winner on the California Lottery, scooping two wins in a single week! Rosa recently stopped at a gas station in Paso Robles in California on her drive home […]

Wins Retirement Fund

Worker Buys Lotto Ticket, Wins Retirement Fund

Patricia Dioguardi is just a year from retirement at her job with Wegmans having worked for the firm for the last 27 years. Last week her horoscope said she would win something big so she treated herself to a $5 scratch off ticket from the New York State Lottery and to her surprise, won her […]

British EuroMillions Winner

British Winner of EuroMillions Event Jackpot

It’s been an exciting few weeks for EuroMillions players, after weeks of chasing an ever-growing EuroMillion rollover, organisers announced an event draw making Friday’s EuroMillions worth a guaranteed €100,000,000! Sometimes these Event Draws roll over and we can see some monster jackpots but not this time as a single ticket holder matched all the winning […]