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Scratchcard Win IVF

Married Couple Used Scratchcard Win for IVF!

When Brian Smith and his partner Sarah married in 2013, they just assumed everything else would come naturally, but after trying unsuccessfully for a baby they started to think they would never become parents. Then in 2015, Sarah’s Grandmother won a massive £5,000 on a Monopoly Scratchcard, changing everyone’s lives in unimaginable ways. Grandmother Betty […]

Cancer Lottery Millionaire

Cancer Stricken Mum Becomes Canadian Lottery Millionaire

When Canadian mum of two, Diane Bishop was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer her prognosis was not good and she didn’t think there would be much to look forward to, but now she’s won a CA$1,120,000 lottery prize just before being told her cancer is responding to treatment! The aspiring woman has breast cancer […]

Second Lottery Win

Londonderry Couple Celebrate Second Lottery Win

Most of us would consider winning the lottery once pretty lucky, but for one lucky couple from Londonderry, lightning has struck twice. Catherine and Ciaran Kidd were lucky enough to scoop £20,000 in the Lotto draw two years ago but now they’ve hit the big time again with a £1,000,000 EuroMillions win! When the couple […]

Clairvoyant Lottery Win

Psychic Won Lottery After Clairvoyant Predicted Windfall

A psychic who was told by a fellow medium that she would have a big windfall has won £70,000 on the Lotto! Sandra Murrell was told by a fellow clairvoyant that her life would change for the better and she’d be able to leave her job and psychic work. Murrell couldn’t see how this would […]

Lotto Dream House

Lotto Winner Plans to Build Dream House for Wife

Thanks to the roll down rule for the National Lottery in the UK a retired man from East Lothian can now build his wife her dream home. Tommy Barker and his wife Linda matched the second prize in the weekend Lotto draw, but as the jackpot exceeded £22,000,000, it meant if no winner was found […]

Winning Lottery Shirt

Grandfather Finds Winning Lottery Ticket in Old Shirt

We regularly bring you news of unclaimed lottery prizes, urging the importance of checking lottery tickets in good time. That single scrap of paper could be worth a life-changing sum, so it’s important to check the results as soon as possible before the prize expires or you could miss out. This is exactly what would […]

Couple Fight 6million

Canada Couple Fights Over $6,000,000 Lotto Win

They say all is fair in love and war, but for one Canadian couple, that will now be for the courts to decide. Denise Robertson and Maurice Thibeault have been together for about two and a half years, but now they’ve won the lottery, and he’s left, with the winning ticket! On 28th September this […]

Gran Canaria EuroMillions

Big EuroMillions Jackpot for Tiny Island

It was a record matching jackpot for the EuroMillions on Friday night and whoever won would become one of the biggest winners the draw had ever seen. The top prize has been rolling since the Event Draw and it was starting to look as though no one would win, but one ticket matched all the […]

Powerball Winner Sexual Assault

$338,000,000 Powerball Winner Charged With Sexual Assault

Big lottery wins may make life comfortable, but they aren’t a guarantee of a happy future and even the largest sums can’t guarantee everything in life. Today we hear about a $338,000,000 Powerball winner who has been charged with sexual assault on multiple charges, four years after striking lucky on the lottery. Pedro Quezada 49 […]

Biggest EuroMillions Winners

The Five Biggest EuroMillions Winners of All Time

The news is all about the massive EuroMillions jackpot this week, one of the biggest of all time and because the EuroMillions jackpot is capped at €190,000,000, the big winners soon stack up and records stay unbeaten. It’s an odd rule, and unreplicated around the world where jackpots just climb and climb. In honour of […]