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Lucky for Life

Canadian Teenager Wins $1,000 a Week for Life

Turning 18 can be a daunting time, worrying about what you might do with the rest of your life and how you’ll pay for it. But for one lucky Canadian teenager this will never be a problem. Charlie Lagarde celebrated turning 18 last week by buying her first ever scratchcard, spending $4, and ended up […]

NJ MegaMillions Winner

Single Ticket Holder Scoops $521,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot

In the last few weeks we’ve seen both the Powerball and Mega Millions Jackpots soar. Last week we brought you the news that the Powerball jackpot had found a winner and now a single winner has scooped the $521,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot becoming the fourth biggest lottery winner in Mega Millions history. Lottery officials have […]

Pennsylvania Powerball Winner

Massive US Powerball Winner is from Pennsylvania

Last week the eighth biggest lottery prize in US Powerball history was won after a single player matched all the numbers in a $456,700,000 draw. The ticket matched all the white balls, and that red Powerball scooping the lot and becoming one of the biggest winners ever seen on the draw. Now the news has […]

Lottery Winner Jailed

Lottery Winner Faces Jail For Robbing Banks

A jackpot winner who scooped a prize close to $20,000,000 on California’s SuperLotto is facing a life behind bars after robbing banks to fund his heroin addiction. 55-year old James Hayes saw his life take a turn for the better back in 1998 when he won the jackpot of the Californian SuperLotto but now he’s […]

Free Lucky Dip

Dad Discovers ‘Big Lotto Win’ is just a Free Lucky Dip

Nathan Moody from Teesside regularly plays the Lotto draws and like many players dreams of a big win. He bought tickets for last weekend’s Lotto draw and after the draw went to check at the shop to see if he was a winner like many of us do after the draw, and when the lottery […]

Oldest Lottery Winners

Bristol Couple Become UK’s Oldest Lottery Winners

We hear a lot about the biggest lottery winners, and even those who have won the most times, but now we think we have the story of the UK’s oldest lottery winners as an octogenarian couple pick up a Lotto win worth £18,000,000! The pair, Dennis and Shirley Banfield collected the win at a Gloucestershire […]

Scratchcard In Bra

Lottery Winner Kept Winning Scratchcard in Bra for Safe Keeping

A lucky Portsmouth mother who scooped £100,000 on a National Lottery scratchcard kept the ticket in her bra for safe keeping until she could confirm the prize. You’ll often hear women complaining about how our clothes aren’t made with pockets and when Tanya Smith popped into Tesco and bought a couple of scratchcards, nothing she […]

Two Share EuroMillions

Two Share Monster EuroMillions Jackpot

What a way to start the year! Since the New Year the EuroMillions jackpot has been climbing, reaching a staggering €177,000,000 for Friday’s draw. It’s almost the biggest it could ever be, and it may well turn out to be the biggest jackpot of the year and now we have news of a winner… or […]

Powerball Winner Anonymity

$535m Powerball Winner Fights to Retain Anonymity

A New Hampshire Powerball winner who scooped a massive jackpot worth $535,000,000 is refusing to claim her prize and is embroiled in battle with lottery officials over the release of her name once she claims her prize. The lottery winner was both excited and terrified to realise she’d won the staggeringly large Powerball jackpot, a […]

University Student Millionaire

University Student Graduates to Millionaredom

Alex Best just graduated from the University of Bolton last September, hoping to have a career as a music producer. But now he’s graduated from the EuroMillions Hall of Fame too, collecting a £1,000,000 Millionaire Maker prize! The 21-year old loves music, but three years at university have taken their toll financially, and this can […]