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Teen Lottery Winner

Teen Lottery Winner Who Blew The Lot Says She’s Never Been Happier

Through the years we’ve had several very young lottery winners and it hasn’t been a happy ending for all of them. The first 16-year-old lottery winner was Callie Rogers from Cumbria who was in foster care when she won £1,870,000 back in 2003. Upon winning Callie immediately quit her checkout job, which paid £3.60 an […]

Shock Lottery Win

Derby Couple in Shock Over Lottery Win

A couple from Derby who live in a Littleover council house in Derby say they’re still in shock after winning £1,000,000 on the EuroMillions lottery. James O’Donnell and his partner Victoria Hunter-Woods both 35 only started playing the lottery back in April and now they’ve won £1,000,000. They say the news is only just starting […]

Torn Up Lottery Ticket

Torn Up Lottery Ticket Wins £58,000,000

When Fred Higgins from Aberdeenshire went to check his lottery results from the 10th July EuroMillions draw he popped into his local shop. The shopkeeper checked the ticket on the machine, declaring it was not a winner. The assistant ripped the ticket in two and threw it into the bin, and then the lottery machine […]

California Syndicate Mega Millions

California Syndicate Scoops $543,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot

A lottery syndicate made up of eleven workers from the Wells Fargo & Co branch in California just hit the big time, scooping the end of July Mega Millions jackpot worth a staggering $543,000,000. The workers scooped the prize late in July, according to an unnamed worker who was not part of the syndicate, but […]

Boxing Coach Donates

Boxing Coach Donates Scratchcard Win to Community Projects

When an unnamed boxing coach from Waterford in Ireland won €50,000 on an Irish Lotto scratchcard he was thrilled and immediately knew what he wanted to do with the money, ploughing it into community projects in his local area. The delighted winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, collected the prize at National Lottery HQ in […]

National Lottery queue

National Lottery Winner Thanks Shopper for Kindness

A National Lottery winner who has just claimed a £1,000,000 prize is thanking another shopper who let him go first to buy his tickets. Arron Walshaw from Ossett, West Yorkshire, won the Lotto Raffle prize last Wednesday, but almost missed the deadline for the draw. After seeing him rush to the counter, another customer let […]

Barbara Reddick

Canadian Woman Wins Lotto Sues Nephew

A Canadian woman is reported to have won the lottery along with her nephew but her first act was to threaten the boy with a lawsuit. Barbara Reddick from Nova Scotia won C$1,200,000 on Wednesday night’s Chase the Ace draw and this week was photographed with her nephew posing with the giant cheque. However, immediately […]

Gardener Scratchcard Win

Gardener Scoops £3,000,000 on Lotto Scratchcard Win

A chat about a lucky parking spot led to a £3,000,000 scratchcard win for one lucky Lotto player last week. After discussing with a friend and his girlfriend about how difficult it is to start your own business due to lack of funding, James Evans said that if there was a parking spot outside his […]

Powerball Jackpot Oregon

$150,000,000 Powerball Jackpot Lands in Oregon

We love to hear stories about big winners and today we’re celebrating the $150,000,000 US Powerball jackpot finding a winner last week. On Wednesday night a single ticket holder became the latest big US multi-state winner and the winning ticket was sold in Oregon! There’s no news yet about the winner as they haven’t come […]

Oz Powerball Winner

Time Running out for $55,000,000 Oz Powerball Winner

If you buy tickets for the Oz Powerball then you might want to listen up as there’s a $55,000,000 winning ticket up for grabs the no-one has claimed. The ticket was sold in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick in January and the store knows they sold the ticket to a woman and now the newsagents […]