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Lotto Prize Unclaimed

Aberdeen Lottery Player has Days to Claim

Sadly unclaimed lottery prizes aren’t getting any less common and this week a Lotto prize worth €1,000,000 will expire if the winner doesn’t come forward. The prize in question comes from a UK Lotto raffle prize, the ticket was sold in Aberdeen and the winner only has until 5th October to come forward, just a […]

Biggest EuroMillions Winners

The Five Biggest EuroMillions Winners of All Time

The news is all about the massive EuroMillions jackpot this week, one of the biggest of all time and because the EuroMillions jackpot is capped at €190,000,000, the big winners soon stack up and records stay unbeaten. It’s an odd rule, and unreplicated around the world where jackpots just climb and climb. In honour of […]

Lotto Winner Dies

Britain’s First Big Lotto Winner ‘Dies from Good Living’

A tragic end to Britain’s first big rollover winner who died last week aged 64. Mukhtar Mohidin became Britain’s first ‘big’ lottery winner when he scooped £18,000,000 back in 1994 when the lottery first launched. The Blackburn man hit the headlines and started what should have been the happiest time of his life, but things […]

EuroMillions Super Rollover

Event Draw Creates €140,000,000 EuroMillions Rollover

There’s never been so much for EuroMillions players to get excited about! Last Friday organisers sprung a EuroMillions Event draw on players, guaranteeing a massive jackpot and the weekend news is that, that draw has rolled over and creating a bumper jackpot for players. With no Friday night jackpot winner this Tuesday’s EuroMillions jackpot is […]

Pensioner Finds Winner

Pensioner Finds Winning Ticket in Large Unchecked Stash

It’s probably not the best idea to just pop all your lottery tickets into a pile and not check them, but as long as they get checked before they expire, you could be in for a surprise. That was the case for pensioner Violet Grahamslaw who is now £1,000,000 richer! The 63 year old pensioner […]

Scotland Hitting Jackpot

Scotland Hitting the Jackpot With Lotto Funding

Figures have shown that Scotland is winning the jackpot when it comes to lottery funding, receiving almost £5 extra per head of population when compared to funding for England. Last year, lottery organisers gave £76,000,000 to Scottish Good Causes, that’s £14.04 per head of population. However, Good Causes in England received £510,000,000, working out at […]

Lottery Funding Fall

Benefactors Concern About Fall in Lottery Funding

It’s no secret now that the National Lottery of the UK is on the slide. Since new rules came in last year, spending has fallen considerably and that has an effect not just on jackpots but on money for Good Causes too. Many sectors of society benefit from lottery funding, the Arts, Heritage, Sports, to […]

Lottery Whistleblower

Lottery Whistleblower Says Fraud Came from Within Camelot

A lottery whistleblower has accused a fraud expert of printing off a winning ticket from inside the lottery organiser, Camelot’s offices before passing it on to a friend to claim the prize. Eddie Putman turned whistleblower when he was caught attempting to cash a £2,500,000 lottery ticket that was actually fraudulent. He says that the […]

Lucky Lottery Pub

Scunthorpe Pub Lucky for Lottery Players

If you’re looking for a new local, we can recommend The Mallard in Scunthorpe as it becomes the luckiest public house in Britain! The pub has just celebrated its third EuroMillions winner as the landlord picks up a £1,000,000 prize! Ian Brooke is the landlord at this lucky pub and he’s just collected his prize […]

Lotto Grandmother Dies

Lotto Grandmother Who Falsified Win Dies

A lottery playing grandmother who tried to falsify a win by claiming her ticket had gone through the washing machine has died at home aged just 49. Susanne Hinte hit the news when she came forward claiming she had washed a £33,000,000 EuroMillions ticket in 2016. It was one half of a €66,000,000 jackpot and […]