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Stole Scratchcard Winnings

Shop Worker Stole Scratchcards and Claimed Winnings

A court has heard how a woman stole £1,300 worth of scratchcards from her employer and fraudulently claimed over £750 of winnings from those scratchcards. Anne McInnes from Banbridge in Northern Ireland pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud by abuse of position in court this week. It was alleged in court that at the […]

Good Causes

MPs Say More Lottery Cash Should go to Good Causes

A cross-party committee of MPs has suggested that the government’s Gambling Commission should pressure Camelot to change the rules to give more money to Good Causes. A slump in ticket sales means that while profits are rising, the money given to Good Causes is falling, causing alarm among those who rely on lottery funding to […]

National Lottery Hacked

National Lottery Website Hacked

The National Lottery website where UK players can buy official Lotto and EuroMillions tickets has been hacked, and Lotto officials are warning that up to 10 million people will need to change their passwords. Camelot say that the attack, using a technique known as credential stuffing was successful in accessing around 150 accounts, but they […]

Free Lucky Dip

Dad Discovers ‘Big Lotto Win’ is just a Free Lucky Dip

Nathan Moody from Teesside regularly plays the Lotto draws and like many players dreams of a big win. He bought tickets for last weekend’s Lotto draw and after the draw went to check at the shop to see if he was a winner like many of us do after the draw, and when the lottery […]

Oldest Lottery Winners

Bristol Couple Become UK’s Oldest Lottery Winners

We hear a lot about the biggest lottery winners, and even those who have won the most times, but now we think we have the story of the UK’s oldest lottery winners as an octogenarian couple pick up a Lotto win worth £18,000,000! The pair, Dennis and Shirley Banfield collected the win at a Gloucestershire […]

Scratchcard In Bra

Lottery Winner Kept Winning Scratchcard in Bra for Safe Keeping

A lucky Portsmouth mother who scooped £100,000 on a National Lottery scratchcard kept the ticket in her bra for safe keeping until she could confirm the prize. You’ll often hear women complaining about how our clothes aren’t made with pockets and when Tanya Smith popped into Tesco and bought a couple of scratchcards, nothing she […]

Lottery Ruined Life

Disabled Grandfather Says Lottery Win Ruined his Life

A 63-year-old Scottish grandfather who scooped £80,000 on the Lotto last year says the win has ruined his life. Daniel Millar won the cash back in September last year, but immediately blew it on foreign holidays, home improvements and treats for his family. It’s his cash, and he’s well within his rights to spend his […]

Two Share EuroMillions

Two Share Monster EuroMillions Jackpot

What a way to start the year! Since the New Year the EuroMillions jackpot has been climbing, reaching a staggering €177,000,000 for Friday’s draw. It’s almost the biggest it could ever be, and it may well turn out to be the biggest jackpot of the year and now we have news of a winner… or […]

Unclaimed Prizes Falling

Unclaimed Prizes Finally Falling in the UK

Since the lottery launched back in 1994, unclaimed prizes have been a bit of an issue. Then a new century came and online purchasing became the norm for people and it was thought that unclaimed prizes would be a thing of the past, but they still continued to the tune of many million each year. […]

Raiders Stole Scratchcards

Raiders Stole Scratchcards Before Colliding with Police Car

A court in the UK has heard that thieves targeted National Lottery scratchcards when they used a concrete slab to smash their way into a local shop in Epworth near Scunthorpe in October last year. Nigel McKenna of Scunthorpe and Duncan Robinson of Haxey admitted the crime in court this week, after events on October […]