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Unclaimed Prizes Falling

Unclaimed Prizes Finally Falling in the UK

Since the lottery launched back in 1994, unclaimed prizes have been a bit of an issue. Then a new century came and online purchasing became the norm for people and it was thought that unclaimed prizes would be a thing of the past, but they still continued to the tune of many million each year. […]

Raiders Stole Scratchcards

Raiders Stole Scratchcards Before Colliding with Police Car

A court in the UK has heard that thieves targeted National Lottery scratchcards when they used a concrete slab to smash their way into a local shop in Epworth near Scunthorpe in October last year. Nigel McKenna of Scunthorpe and Duncan Robinson of Haxey admitted the crime in court this week, after events on October […]

University Student Millionaire

University Student Graduates to Millionaredom

Alex Best just graduated from the University of Bolton last September, hoping to have a career as a music producer. But now he’s graduated from the EuroMillions Hall of Fame too, collecting a £1,000,000 Millionaire Maker prize! The 21-year old loves music, but three years at university have taken their toll financially, and this can […]

Country Home

Lottery Couple Buy Tom Jones Former Country Home

How could we forget Dave and Angela Dawes? Not only did they win more than €100,000,000 back in 2011, but they avoided the fabled ‘winners curse’ and are still together. Now they’ve made a house purchase, buying a house formerly owned by Tom Jones. The £4,000,000 manor house was formerly co-owned by Tom Jones and […]

National Lottery Review

National Lottery Infographic Shows 2017 in Review

An infographic from the National Lottery this week has shown the year of 2017 in review, allowing players to see just how many winners, jackpots and prizes there were throughout the year. It makes for interesting reading, possibly the most interesting is that 358 UK residents became millionaires in 2017 thanks to Lotto games. That’s […]

Lotto Saves Home

Lotto Win Helps Couple Save Home

When Tony Pearce had a heart attack, his and his girlfriend Deb Gellatly’s life was changed forever, so much so they battled financial hardship and were looking to sell their beloved home. Then, they scooped £1,000,000 on the Lotto Raffle, giving them a much needed financial boost. The couple have been together for more than […]

Scratchcard Win IVF

Married Couple Used Scratchcard Win for IVF!

When Brian Smith and his partner Sarah married in 2013, they just assumed everything else would come naturally, but after trying unsuccessfully for a baby they started to think they would never become parents. Then in 2015, Sarah’s Grandmother won a massive £5,000 on a Monopoly Scratchcard, changing everyone’s lives in unimaginable ways. Grandmother Betty […]

Museum Lottery Entry

Museums and Attractions Trade Entry for Lottery Tickets

We take many of the museums and attractions around the UK for granted but without funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, many of them would struggle to keep their doors open. The percentage of lottery funding that goes to good causes such as the Heritage Lottery Fund makes a huge difference to these institutions that […]

Shrewsbury Lottery Thief

Shrewsbury Lottery Thief Avoids Jail

An assistant manager who stole lottery tickets and scratch cards amounting to up to £50,000 has avoided jail. Thomas Wilcockson worked as an assistant manager at the News Express shop on Column in Shrewsbury in the UK and while there stole scratchcars and lottery tickets. It’s thought the thefts occurred between February 2014 and July […]

100 Million for Christmas

How Do You Fancy €100,000,000 for Christmas?

You may need a rather large Christmas stocking if you currently have your eye on the EuroMillions jackpot, because as we tip into the month of giving, the EuroMillions jackpot tips €100,000,000! No one has won the EuroMillions jackpot since 3rd November and it’s been growing draw by draw. On Friday night there was a […]