EuroMillions Draw

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EuroMillions lottery draw every Tuesday and Friday

The EuroMillions draw is carried out twice a week every Tuesday and Friday. During each draw all 5 main numbers are selected as well as 2 lucky stars. The winner of the EuroMillions Millionaire raffle is also determined shortly after the balls are selected.

The Euromillons draw time is 20:45 CET (Central European Time) or 19:45 GMT and all results are announced online at 10.30pm the same evening in the UK. Each draw takes place in Paris, which is quite central to all those countries taking part.


EuroMillions Friday Draw
Friday night’s EuroMillions draw takes place at 20:45 CET, which is 19:45 GMT if you live in the UK. The results  of the draw are available online, but they are also announced through a BBC EuroMillions show at 11.35pm on the same Friday night. The Friday night draw tends to be the big one, attracting a larger amount of participants than the Tuesday night draw typically.

If you are taking part in the Friday night draw then you need to have purchased your ticket either online or through a retail outlet before 7.30pm that evening. If you attempt to buy your lottery ticket after this time you will not be able to enter for that evening’s draw.

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EuroMillions Tuesday Draw
Tuesday night’s EuroMillions draw takes place at 20:45 CET (19:45 GMT) and then results are available online at various sources including the National Lottery website at 10.30pm. There is no results show on the TV like there is for the Friday night show. The Tuesday night draw was added following the demand for the EuroMillions lottery, as originally it only took place on a Friday.

Jackpot totals tend to be lower on a Tuesday due to the fewer number of entries into the lottery, however it will always be above the €17m guaranteed jackpot prize. There is also a better chance of winning the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle, with fewer tickets being sold. Lottery tickets are not allowed to be sold after 7.30pm for the same draw that evening, but you can purchase tickets for later draws.

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To the best of our knowledge, the information presented above is correct. Make sure that you check which time zone applies to you as you don’t want to get the wrong time and miss your entry for a EuroMillions draw. The EuroMillions website is updated regularly and we intend to let you know when changes occur to this lottery.