Shopkeeper Jailed for Stealing Winning Ticket

A respected shopkeeper has been shamed and jailed after conning a customer out of a winning lottery ticket. Kartik Shah was thought to be a pillar of his local community in Surrey but has now been jailed for eight months after admitting fraud.

The court heard that the offence was committed on 5th October last year in the defendant’s Londis store, which was also a sub post office and lottery terminal. Customer Michael Harris entered the store with a lottery ticket to see if he had won anything. Mr Shah scanned the ticket but didn’t say anything to Mr Harris, who then left the premises assuming his ticket was not a winner.

What actually happened was that Mr Shah cancelled the scanning process, scanning the ticket later after the customer had left the shop. However, Camelot’s systems kicked in, alerting the lottery organisers that the ticket had been scanned twice, and then that the prize had been claimed by someone who ran a store with a lottery terminal.

Further inquiries led the lottery firm to Mr Harris who was reinstated with his win, while Mr Shah was arrested and charged with fraud.

The victim said he had lost faith in people and would in future check his own lottery numbers online and not trust this to someone else. It’s good advice too! While cases like this are rare, it’s always best to check your own lottery numbers, or buy your tickets online for extra security.

Mr Shah has been jailed for 8 months and it’s said his business has suffered as local residents have lost faith in the store. The Londis store has also lost its lottery tenure and will no longer be able to sell lottery tickets.

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