Lottery Sales down after Rule Changes

A report has shown that lottery sales in the UK fell £670,000,000 last year after changes to the rules and number system. The controversial changes brought much criticism and now it seems the figures show that the additional numbers and changes to the lottery’s structure have hit Camelot in the pocket and had a knock on effect on Good Causes too.

The knock on effect is a drop of £273,000,000 donated to Good Causes in the UK including health, education, sports and the arts.

Camelot has stated that they will run a strategic review of how it runs the Lotto and EuroMillions but has warned of further slumps this year. Sources at Camelot are blaming aggressive marketing from other gambling firms and the increase in online gambling taking a market share.

However, it seems players have lost faith in the brand since the rule changes came into play last year. The plan was for more rollovers and mega-jackpots, but all that has actually happened is more people have turned away from the lottery, and these people haven’t switched to the EuroMillions as that draw is also reporting a fall in sales.

The changes saw the number of balls in the Lotto game increased from 49 to 59, lowering the odds of winning the jackpot from one in 14 million to one in 59 million. This approach has worked well in other lottery draws around the world, including the US multi-state draws where jackpots in the hundreds of millions are regularly seen, but it seems UK lottery players are a little more demure and aren’t drawn by the lure of monster jackpots in the same way.

The reaction to the changes led to a big social media campaign to boycott the draw, and now we have a situation where Brits have fallen out of love with the Lotto.

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