June EuroMillions Winners Still to Claim

Despite being half way through July and well into the summer now, the National Lottery is sitting on two unclaimed EuroMillions prizes from June and are urging the winners to come forward. Both prizes are from the UK Millionaire Maker draw, making them worth £1,000,000 a piece, yet despite more than a month passing, neither prize has been claimed!

We’ll look at the prizes one by one and hopefully jog the memory of some lucky winner who is sitting on a £1,000,000 lottery ticket!

The first ticket in question was sold in the Borough of Crawley for the EuroMillions draw on 2nd June. The ticket didn’t match a main draw prize but it did match the Millionaire Maker number, either HQGT 61980, or HQHB 78954 to win £1,000,000. If you buy tickets in this area, it’s time to recheck your old ones as you could be sitting on this prize.

The second prize is another Millionaire Maker prize. This time the ticket was sold in Birmingham for the EuroMillions draw that took place on 6th June. Again the winner didn’t match the main prize but matched the Millionaire Maker number, either HRHH 21939, or XQGR 21578. If you buy tickets in Birmingham it’s time to check if you have either number for a £1,000,000 prize.

With online sales now so common you’d think that unclaimed tickets would be a thing of the past, but many people in the UK are still missing out on huge prizes! Ticket holders in the UK have 180 days to claim Lotto and EuroMillions prizes, but it’s important to check each ticket straight after the draw so you don’t miss out!

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