Aberdeen Lottery Player has Days to Claim

Sadly unclaimed lottery prizes aren’t getting any less common and this week a Lotto prize worth €1,000,000 will expire if the winner doesn’t come forward. The prize in question comes from a UK Lotto raffle prize, the ticket was sold in Aberdeen and the winner only has until 5th October to come forward, just a few more days.

The lottery ticket in question was sold in the Aberdeen area of the UK for the Lotto draw on 8th April. The ticket matched a tier 1 Raffle prize, making it worth £1,000,000 but despite almost six months passing since the draw, no one has come forward.

If you do buy tickets in Aberdeen, and you’re currently tearing the house apart checking all your old tickets then you are looking for any tickets form the 8th April UK Lotto draw. The £1,000,000 winning ticket will contain the Raffle Number Grey34828937. The ticket must be presented to lottery offices before the 5th October so this really is the very last chance for this prize to be claimed!

If no winner can be found by the time the claim date has expired then the entire £1,000,000 jackpot, plus any interest it has accrued since the draw date will be handed over to the fund for Good Causes as all unclaimed lottery prizes are in the UK.

Do you maybe have a handbag or a jacket you haven’t worn since the spring? Is it possible this lost lottery ticket might be lurking in the pocket?

This is just one of the unclaimed prizes currently sitting with the National Lottery showing the importance of keeping tickets safe and checking the lottery results as soon as possible after the draw.

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