New Lotto Shake Up Could Appease Angry Players

There’s no doubt that since new Lotto rules came into play on the UK Lotto, punters have not been happy. Player numbers have fallen and payments to Good Causes are sliding, the Lotto is in trouble with players leaving in their droves and Camelot have been frantically trying to decide what to do next.

It seems that the monster jackpots brought in with the rule changes have not appeased other players and have not kept up the interest in the draws. Now, new rules to come into play in 2019 could mean much smaller prizes that are far more plentiful.

This week it was revealed that Nigel Railton would take over as UK CEO of Cameot and he says that many people don’t want big jackpots, they want financial security instead, to pay the mortgage, to pay university fees and to keep on top of the trials of life. This thinking has led to the idea that rather than multi-million pound prizes, players can have the option to take monthly cash sums and it’s hoped that this will turn around the fortunes of the troubled UK Lotto.

Lottery experts think this is wishful thinking. Professor Ian Walker from Lancaster University gave a statement to say he didn’t think the new rules would see a turn around in sales.

When compared to big American jackpots ours are quite small, but there players also have the chance to take a monthly sum instead of a huge jackpot, and less than 1% of them do so, adding weight to Professor Ian Walker’s argument.

What do you think of the new ideas for the Lotto?

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