How Do You Fancy €100,000,000 for Christmas?

You may need a rather large Christmas stocking if you currently have your eye on the EuroMillions jackpot, because as we tip into the month of giving, the EuroMillions jackpot tips €100,000,000!

No one has won the EuroMillions jackpot since 3rd November and it’s been growing draw by draw. On Friday night there was a bumper €90,000,000 on offer but no one matched all the winning numbers, creating this huge December rollover!

It’s the biggest jackpot since we saw the event draw roll over back in October, that finally ended when one player collected a €190,000,000 jackpot, the biggest jackpot of the year! We thought this would be the largest 2017 jackpot, but the current top prize could roll just as big before the end of the year if not won!

Should you win the €100,000,000 jackpot on Tuesday night it’s still early enough in December to know you’ll get your win well in time for Christmas, but Santa may just have trouble bringing all that cash down the chimney for Christmas!

While there’s such a big jackpot on offer, it’s probably also worth mentioning that EuroMillions unclaimed prizes always increase around the festive season. As we buy tickets in a rush, and are buying shopping and presents at the same time it’s easy to lose track and you could miss out on a big prize this way.

The best way to buy EuroMilllions and Lotto tickets for the festive season is to buy them online for all the festive draws early in December, and know that’s one thing you won’t have to worry about over the festive season!

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