National Lottery Infographic Shows 2017 in Review

An infographic from the National Lottery this week has shown the year of 2017 in review, allowing players to see just how many winners, jackpots and prizes there were throughout the year. It makes for interesting reading, possibly the most interesting is that 358 UK residents became millionaires in 2017 thanks to Lotto games.

That’s a lot of millionaires, and the infographic says that those 358 winners shared £796,000,000 in prizes and jackpots. It’s not just millionaires either, 782 people won life-changing prizes of £50,000 or more. When you roll that together with previous years, the National Lottery has now paid out more than £65 billion in prizes since its launch in 1994!

It’s not just the Lotto either, of the winners seven were EuroMillions jackpots, which means out of all the EuroMillions countries, seven jackpots landed in the UK this year.

The Lotto says that Capricorn is the luckiest star sign for winners, and catering is the luckiest profession!

The stats make for fascinating reading, and it isn’t just winners, they also show what good was done for Good Causes too. In 2017 the 525,000th Good causes grant was awarded in the UK. These grants made a huge difference, sports money helped GB and NI win 45 medals at London 2017, while 20 species are said to have been saved from extinction by lottery cash. Lottery funding also helped 28 young trainees work on the new Star Wars film, and if you missed it, in December more than 400 heritage sites around the UK opened their doors for free to say thank you to lottery players.

2017 brought a lot of turmoil for the lottery company with discussion about jackpots, ticket prices and falling sales, but this does show that despite all that the lottery is still doing a lot of good, and creating many millionaires along the way.

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