Unclaimed Prizes Finally Falling in the UK

Since the lottery launched back in 1994, unclaimed prizes have been a bit of an issue. Then a new century came and online purchasing became the norm for people and it was thought that unclaimed prizes would be a thing of the past, but they still continued to the tune of many million each year.

Unclaimed prizes tend to run in trends, around certain draws or times of year. Christmas is a common time for unclaimed prizes as people buy tickets in a rush and then put them aside for New Year, often forgetting to ever check the results. Superdraws can often attract unclaimed prizes, as people concentrate on the big jackpot and forget about the Raffle draws and smaller prizes. We’ve even seen a EuroMillions jackpot worth more than £60,000,000 go unclaimed.

At any one time there may be up to twenty unclaimed prizes sitting with the National Lottery, for both Lotto and EuroMillions prizes, and while online ticket sales should bring that down, sadly it hasn’t…. until now!

For the first time in lottery history there are only four unclaimed prizes with the National Lottery right now, fewer than we have ever seen before! We can’t yet say if this is going to be an ongoing thing, if finally enough people have switched to online purchasing to eradicate lost tickets for good, but it is great news for now!

Speaking of those earlier trends, all four unclaimed prizes right now are Raffle prizes, three are unclaimed EuroMillions Millionaire Maker prizes, and one is an unclaimed Lotto Raffle prize and this does show that this is still a problem area for players!

Our advice is always to purchase tickets online if you can, where they are safe and you cannot lose them. But wherever you buy your tickets, make sure you check the results as soon as possible after the draw, and not just the main draw either, you must check those Raffle results too.

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