Disabled Grandfather Says Lottery Win Ruined his Life

A 63-year-old Scottish grandfather who scooped £80,000 on the Lotto last year says the win has ruined his life. Daniel Millar won the cash back in September last year, but immediately blew it on foreign holidays, home improvements and treats for his family.

It’s his cash, and he’s well within his rights to spend his win as quickly as he wants to, but the trouble is Mr Millar relies on state benefits to survive. By December, the Department of Work and Pensions had caught up with him, stopping his benefits as he’d been in receipt of this win, but by the time they stopped his cash he was £7 overdrawn, and now says his life is ruined.

It took Millar just weeks to spend the windfall, but now he isn’t eligible for income support, housing benefit or any means tested handouts at all and says his life is in ruins.

There’s definitely a lesson to be learned here about trying to cheat the benefits agency by spending wins quickly. Daniel can add himself to a list of small winners who have done a similar thing including disabled George Grant who blew his £20,000 windfall on a trip to Nashville to find his benefits were cancelled when he got home.

While the UK benefits system can seem generous compared to others in the world, it isn’t giving away free cash to those with savings and the DWP recommend that upon receipt of any substantial lottery win, you must contact them to see how this will affect your means tested benefits.

We’re not sure what will happen to Mr Millar now, but he must be regretting spending his windfall quite so quickly.

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