Italian SuperEnalotto Jackpot Soars, Creating Lottery Frenzy

The Italian SuperEnalotto is notoriously one of the most difficult lottery draws in the world to win, due to a ball pool of ninety main balls. Draws take place three times a week and the difficulty in winning has meant some bumper jackpots in the lottery’s history.

Right now the SuperEnalotto is seeing one such jackpot. Italians and online players around the world, are in a frenzy buying tickets for the jackpot, now up to €119,400,000 for the next draw.

The SuperEnalotto has climbed to €177,000,000 in the past, the biggest jackpot ever won on the lottery. This top prize was shared by a syndicate of 70 players and was won on October 30th 2010. Other notable prizes include a €147,000,000 jackpot, the biggest won by a single ticket holder.

The SuperEnalotto remains one of the richest lottery draws in the world. However, due to the difficulty in winning the jackpot it can go months between winners and often doesn’t receive attention until the jackpot exceeds €100,000,000. It’s well exceeded that now and it’s likely to create a frenzy of interest now every draw until its won.

It’s not just Italian players either, the SuperEnalotto is a big draw for online players around the world who like to chase big lottery jackpots by buying tickets online.

The SuperEnalotto is likely to be hot property now until that jackpot is won, but with such long odds of winning, who knows just how high that jackpot will climb until it’s won!

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