Men Who Stole from Vulnerable Lottery Winner Jailed

Two members of a gang who befriended and stole from a vulnerable woman who had won the lottery have been jailed. Aaron Harvey and Lee Khan from Middlesbrough conned the woman out of thousands and it’s believed they only targeted her because she was so vulnerable and had won £1,000,000 on the National Lottery.

In the shocking case the pair set up online gambling accounts in the woman’s name, gambling away £41,000 of her winnings in under 100 minutes. One of the gang even pretended to be her boyfriend, allowing them to steal £75,000 from her in the course of a single weekend.

In addition to this, the duo paid off credit cards with her lottery winnings, and even bought shares online with her cash. She won the lottery in 2013, and soon became a target for these men because of her vulnerability. The pair pretended to be her friends and stole from her, one of them even pretending to be her boyfriend.

However, they had underestimated their victim as it was thanks to her patience and tenacity for justice that the pair were jailed.

The pair admitted conspiracy to steal in Teesside Crown Court and have now been jailed for three years.

Thankfully the case has a fairly happy ending too as most of the stolen money was returned to the victim once the case came to light. As the money was stolen, when her account was blocked after the crime was reported, most of the money stolen was refunded.

It’s a shocking case and a sad case for a lady who should have been having a very happy time with a £1,000,000 lottery win.

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