MPs Want Greater Transparency Over Lotto Sales

A group of MPs has written to Camelot’s CEO demanding greater transparency on where lottery tickets and scratchcards are sold. Thirty MPs signed the letter to CEO Nigel Railton including Shadow Culture Secretary Tom Watson and Gloria De Peiro, who spearheaded the campaign.

The letter raises concerns about where lottery money is spent, and where Good Causes are awarded, raising concerns about the disparity in the distribution of lottery funds in the UK.

In the letter they explain that they understand that cities get more funding than rural areas and towns, particularly towns in former coalfield and industrial communities. Even if it turns out that these areas are reporting higher lottery sales. It means that effectively small communities that may be run down themselves are funding projects in big cities, something these MPs say is unfair.

Now they are calling for greater transparency on the issue of where lottery tickets are actually sold, in which towns and cities, and who are the biggest spenders, in the hope that lottery funding will end up where it is needed most.

Figures show that the Cities of London and Westminster constituencies received the highest amount of lottery funding in the last three years, while the Castle Point constituency received the least. In addition to this the analysis also finds that while the arts, sports and heritage receive equal amounts in returns, the amounts granted varies between each sector, causing even greater disparity for those who are missing out.

MP Ian Lucas who signed his name to the letter says that with money going to the wealthier regions of the UK it’s creating a regressive system. Taking money from the least well off communities in lottery sales, and giving it to the wealthiest communities in Good Causes, and this has to stop.

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