Ireland Announce Luckiest Lottery Counties

The Irish Lottery say that one of the most common questions they are asked is which Irish county is the luckiest in terms of lottery wins and now the answer to that question has been revealed.

Surprisingly Ireland’s luckiest county is also its smallest one as Co Louth is announced as the luckiest Irish nation with more millionaires from the lottery that any other county in Ireland.

To come up with the list Irish Lottery officials used all the data from all wins since the Irish Lotto was launched three decades ago, and County Louth came out as the luckiest. Lotto winners from the county have won in excess of €89,000,00 and the county boasts 5.9 lottery winners for every 10,000 people.

In second place for luckiest Irish counties is Co Donegal, which boasts 5.65 winners to every 10,000 people. In third place is Co Mayo with 4.44 winners per 10,000 people and the list continues with Dublin, Carlow, Wicklow, Cavan, Westmeath, Monaghan, and Galway making up the ten most lucky counties in the whole of Ireland.

On the bottom end of the list it’s bad news for players living in Offaly, Kilkenny, and Laois who end the list as the least lucky Irish counties. However, as lottery officials state, chance has no memory and so luck is relative. Playing the lottery is purely a matter of luck and so everyone, wherever they are from has the same chance of winning a big prize.

In other lottery news the Wednesday Irish Lotto jackpot is a rollover with a massive €7,5000,000 on offer, and if you live in Ireland you might want to grab tickets whatever county you are from.

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