Scotland Receives Most in Good Causes

This week MPs have hit out at the news that Scotland gets more lottery funding than England, Wales or Northern Ireland. This week it emerged that Scots receive the equivalent of £10.87 per person in lottery funding, compared with £6.34 south of the border, based on figures from the last twelve months.

MPs have been quick to point out that Scotland is already heavily subsidised by taxpayers in England, calling the disparity unfair. It was already announced this week that Scotland receive around £1,576 per head more in state funding than the UK average.

In the last financial year England was awarded lottery grants totalling £353,000,000 compared with £59,000,000 for Scotland. While it might seem like England did best in that deal, per person, Scotland actually received more cash. In the same lot of data it also emerged that the Big Lottery Fund, which distributes the cash gives £10.36 per person in Northern Ireland, and £8.95 per person in Wales.

Last night Conservative MP Kevin Foster said “This is a national, UK lottery and each country should receive their fair share.”

However, just a few months ago it was revealed that while many disadvantaged areas of the UK account for some of the biggest lottery spending, these areas get much less in lottery grants and many Labour MPs are calling for this disparity to be addressed to ensure that the lottery doesn’t become ‘a tax on the poor to benefit the rich’.

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