Study Says Winning the Lottery Does Make You Happy

We hear many stories about people who win the lottery and then their lives fall apart. Divorces, life problems, and bad friends are among the top of the list for unhappy lottery winners but a new study has shown that money does make you happy, and that satisfaction doesn’t fade after time.

Many previous studies have shown that day to day, winning the lottery doesn’t change your life that much and in fact it’s friends, family and health that bring us happiness. But now scientists in Sweden and the US have surveyed 3,362 lottery winners about their wellbeing and they all reported life satisfaction.

Each winner had won the lottery between five and 22 years ago and they were asked about their happiness, overall life satisfaction, mental health and financial life satisfaction. Results showed that winning the lottery had a positive effect on all these outcomes and these effects lasted even years after winning the lottery.

This study was based on surveys and that does mean that there was no objective measure, and that does mean it doesn’t correlate with previous surveys which state that winning the lottery doesn’t have a significant effect on our happiness at all.

Two previous studies have shown that when the dust settles after a lottery win, winners aren’t really any happier than they were before. This is due to what scientists call hedonic adaptation, a phenomenon which means we have a set point for happiness and return to it after major life events.

So it seems that whether a lottery win makes you happy is still unknown, but most of us would still like to find out for ourselves.

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