Police Appeal After Lottery Scratchcard Theft

Police in Exeter are appealing for witnesses after a man entered a shop stealing a stash of lottery scratchcards. The incident took place in the store on Pinhoe Road in Exeter last Wednesday night when the man entered the shop, walked to the till area and removed the lottery scratchcards, leaving the store with them.

The thief is described by police as being between 25 and 30, around 5ft 9in tall, of medium build and wearing a blue baseball cap, a brown jacket and jeans. It’s not known whether the thief has been captured on CCTV in the store, but as all scratchcards have serial numbers, he is likely to be caught when he tries to cash in any winning tickets in the near future.

Police are asking shopkeepers to be especially vigilant after the burglary and ensuring counters are manned and scratchcards locked away. The police are also appealing for any witnesses to the crime to come forward and report what they saw.

Anyone with information can call Crimestoppers, or Devon police and give information that may help catch this thief before he commits another similar crime.

Lottery scratchcard thefts are surprisingly common, probably due to their potential high value and the ease of stealing them as they are just sheets of cardboard. However, lottery tickets are also very trackable as they all have serial numbers, making it easy to see where each ticket was sold. This means that getting away with scratchcard theft is actually very rare as this thief is likely to find out pretty soon.

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