Camelot Trial Lottery Sales at Aldi

Budget supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl are great for saving a few pennies, but getting served can be a nightmare as there are often long queues, and if you agree then the news that Camelot is trialing play stations at Aldi supermarkets may not be music to your ears!

This week we learned that a pilot study is taking place in the North-West of England to bring National Lottery play stations into Aldi supermarkets and if that trial goes well, it could be extended to the whole of the UK.

Sources close to Camelot also say they intend on targeting Lidl too and even new budget supermarket, Jack’s, the new discount chain operated by Tesco.

Camelot say that customers have given feedback that they like to buy their lottery tickets along with their weekly shop, and while that’s possible in larger supermarkets, it hasn’t been an option in Lidl and Aldi. This is because the play counter is often alongside the extra counter, the place you go for cigarettes, stamps, and the like but Aldi and Lidl don’t offer this as an option in store.

While it seems like a great idea, if it is incorporated into the main till area, it could mean even longer queues in budget supermarkets, something that is already a bone of contention with customers.

The future of the plan will depend how the trail goes in the North-West and we’ll certainly be watching with interest to see whether play stations might be appearing in a budget supermarket near us!

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