EuroMillions Event Draw Rolls Over

What an exciting Friday night it was as the EuroMillions hosted an Event draw with a fixed jackpot worth a massive €130,000,000. Across the UK and Europe players stocked up on tickets in the hope they would be the next big EuroMillions winner.

However, with the results in (5, 7, 21, 25, 37: LS 3 & 4) news from the draw is that no one has won the top prize and we have an Event draw rollover, which is even bigger than an Event draw if that is even possible and means that Tuesday’s EuroMillions jackpot is very likely to exceed the estimate of €140,000,000!

It’s certainly the biggest jackpot we’ve seen in a while and is up there with the biggest jackpots of 2018, but will it be won tonight? Regular players will know that there aren’t any guarantees, we could see it roll and roll over the next few weeks right up to the EuroMillions cap of €190,000,000, but let’s hope we see a winner before then!

If you are buying tickets for the draw, don’t dismiss them if you haven’t won the top prize. Whatever country you’re playing from, if it has a raffle or secondary draw specific to your location, those results are just as important and could score you a life saving win. Lower tier prizes are also worth noting. While no one won the top prize on Friday night, seven players scooped €297,831 for matching the second prize and while that’s not a jackpot it is a life-changing sum!

If you’re buying tickets for the €140,000,000 rollover then good luck and make sure you check the EuroMillions results carefully as soon as possible after the draw to see if you’re a winner.

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