A Lotto Changes This November for UK Players

Camelot has announced a raft of changes to the Lotto coming into play this November as organisers try and tempt people back to the draw. We’ve seen so many rule changes in recent years and none of them have been popular with players, so will the latest set of changes take the draw back to what players want?

The decision has been made to axe the Lotto Raffle in a bid to focus more on the main draw. Given the fall of popularity of the Lotto and the number of raffle prizes that go unclaimed, this seems like a sensible choice.

However, you still have the chance to win big because now if you win the second prize, matching five and the Bonus Ball, you’ll be guaranteed £1,000,000, something we think will be popular with players! Throughout the prize tiers other prizes are also increasing with three balls now scoring you £30, and even a free Lucky Dip if you match two main numbers.

Camelot also promise that prizes will be won more often. The big rollovers haven’t been popular with players but from now on, the Lotto will only roll over five times. If it’s not won by then the top prize will roll down to all the cash winners.

The cost to play will still be £2 and players will still choose between numbers 1-59. Base jackpots will increase too!

The new rules come in during November with tickets for the new rule draw on sale from 18th November and the first draw taking place on Wednesday 21st November.

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