Bidding Open to be the Next National Lottery Operator

Camelot’s tenure of the National Lottery and UK arm of the EuroMillions has been controversial at times but everything could be about to change as potential bidders for the National Lottery are being sought by the Gambling Commision ahead of the current licence ending in 2023.

Camelot has run the lottery since its inception in 1994 although more recently the Canadian Teacher’s Pension Fund took over the tenure under Camelot’s name in 2010. The changes they made to the lottery have not been popular and the Gambling Commission say they will be “seeking the best ideas, innovations and experience to create a lottery fit for the future.” And look for a operator who will ‘maximise returns to good causes and build on the £38billion raised since 1994.”

This year MPs have complained that the current licensing made the licence too long and inflexible making it difficult to make changes. This news came on the back of a sharp decline in ticket purchases and a slide in good causes income at a time when Camelot’s profits rose from £39,000,000 to £71,000,000 and good causes increased just 2%.

It’s not known who might run the lottery next, the tenure runs out in 2023 and the new owners will be announced and set up way before that. Previously various entities have shown interest including Richard Branson who showed interest in the lottery when it was sold in 2010, but only time will tell who the new owners will be, and what changes that will bring.

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