£2,000,000 in Unclaimed Prizes to Expire Before Christmas

What would make your Christmas planning easier? We’re guessing £1,000,000 might help and yet there are two prizes worth this amount that are unclaimed and will go to Good Causes if not claimed this month. That’s right, £2,000,000 in prizes will expire in the UK before Christmas if no one comes forward to claim!

Whether you play the Lotto or the EuroMillions we may be talking to you as there is a raffle prize from each draw that hasn’t been claimed for almost six months. Let’s take a look at those prizes.

First up is a Lotto prize from the Lotto draw held on 20th June. The ticket was sold in the London Borough of Newham and matched the raffle number GOLD12526245 in the draw but despite almost six months passing, no one has claimed. If this prize isn’t claimed by 17th December the £1,000,000 and any interest it has accrued will be handed to Good Causes.

Next up is a EuroMillions prize from the draw held on 22nd June. This matched the raffle number in the draw and is also worth £1,000,000 but no one has claimed. This ticket was sold in the Ceredigion area of West Wales and the winner has until 19th December to claim.

These prizes could ensure that the winners have the most amazing Christmas, but if they aren’t claimed soon they’ll be lost forever. Do you buy tickets in either of these areas? Is it possible this ticket is languishing in the pocket of a summer coat or in the bottom of your beach tote? The search is on!

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