The ASA Clears Camelot in Latest Ad Campaign

The Advertising Standards Agency has decided not to take further action against the National Lottery after a series of recent ads came under fire for depicting a family finding their way out of financial troubles by winning the lottery.

The advert received twenty-four individual complaints, challenging whether the ads suggested that playing the lottery could be a solution to financial insecurity.

The main advert shows a fisherman leaving the house early in the morning to head off onboard a fishing boat, leaving his partner missing him. A few obscure scenes lead the viewer to believe that she is leaving him due to the long hours he works, but by the end of the advert it’s clear they have won the lottery and she has bought them a new house.

The complaints suggested that the ad showed them with financial problems and that winning the lottery became the answer to that, but the ASA ruled that although the advert “highlighted the time they had to spend apart which suggested that this placed a strain on their relationship, before the “reveal” that the couple was not in fact separating but had, in fact, won a prize on the lottery that allowed them to upgrade the family home, it did not imply that they had financial concerns.”

This ruling meant that the advert did not imply that playing the lottery could be the answer to financial concerns and so Camelot are free to continue airing the advert.

It’s the second time in recent weeks that Camelot has come under the scrutiny of the ASA, and in the other case a scratchcard advert was banned for targeting children.

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