Father of Four Refused Payout on Scratchcard

A father of four has been refused payout on a scratchcard win worth £200,000 because the National Lottery say that the ticket has been altered!

Unemployed Eric Walker bought the £3 Pharaoh’s Fortune scratchcard from his local Premier Store in his hometown of Sheffield. The card requires players to follow sixteen co-ordinates, scratch off the corresponding squares and attempt to match three pharaoh symbols. However, Camelot say that one of the winning co-ordinates has been changed and refused to pay out the £200,000 prize.

The furore centres around the co-ordinate F5 on the not-winning ticket, which Camelot say has been changed to E5. When Mr Walker attempted to contact Camelot they responded by saying that the E5 is actually F5 and the card is not the winner of a top prize.

Mr Walker insists he is not a cheat and says the error must be the result of a misprint. He says he feels that he is being cheated out of his win and will not let this lie. He states that he feels he won a life-changing sum and that has now been snatched away from him, and any misprint is the fault of Camelot.

It’s not the first time someone has tried to claim a ticket that isn’t actually a winner, in 2017 a grandmother who became known as Lotto Gran infamously attempted to claim a £33,000,000 EuroMillions jackpot claiming the ticket has gone through the washing machine. That was a lie, and it all ‘came out in the wash’, much like the ticket that wasn’t actually a winner, and given how that case turned out, it’s unlikely Mr Walker will be getting a payout any time soon.

The latest news is that Camelot has asked the police to investigate over what they now say is fraud.

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