Christmas Time a Trap for Lost Lottery Tickets

Wherever you are in the world, if you’re celebrating Christmas then we have a stark warning for you! Because Christmas time is a trap for lost lottery tickets and there is always a spike of unclaimed prizes at this time!

It’s such a busy time of year, you have to pick up the turkey, carry the Christmas wine back to the car, oh no, you’ve forgotten the carrots so you rush back in and when you’ve finally filled the car, where did you put those lottery tickets? It’s so easy to lose and misplace tickets when your mind is on other things, and it’s easy to forget to buy them too!

So if you don’t want the stress of losing your lottery tickets over Christmas, or worse, not buying them at all, we have some advice for you!

      1. Buy lottery tickets online: It’s a simple solution and absolves you of all your worries! Instead of buying tickets at the counter while you’re lugging 20 bags of festive food, log onto the lottery’s official website and purchase your tickets online. They’re safe and you don’t need to worry!
      2. Put your lottery tickets in the same place every week: if you put your lottery tickets in the same place each week, say a safe small section of your handbag then you’re much less likely to lose them!
      3. Pick a date to check the results: Set an alarm if you need to, pick a date after Christmas Day when you’re going to sit down and check all the festive lottery results!
      4. Sign the back: If you are buying tickets in the store, sign the back straight away and then you’ll be much less likely to have someone else pick up a lost ticket and claim!
      5. Know when the draws are: Sometimes the festive draws can move around so make sure you know exactly what’s being drawn and when!

That way, you’re not worrying about your lottery tickets and you can just have the best festive season!

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