Another Lottery Winner Comes Forward over Scratchcard Misprint

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the story that a gentleman who bought the Pharaoh’s Fortune scratchcard from the National Lottery was refused winnings when the card stated he had won £200,000 and now another player has come forward with exactly the same experience.

Eric Walker was refused the top prize and accused of fraud in mid-December but now Angela Mason from the West Midlands has come forward to say she had exactly the same experience. She also matched the winning symbols according to the co-ordinates on the ticket but when she went to verify her prize at the post office, was told it was not a winner.

Ms Mason emailed Camelot about the win and was told it was not genuine as she had not scratched the card off properly and that the co-ordinates she thought were F5 were actually E5, in a repeat of the experience Mr Walker had.

Camelot has insisted both cards are genuine, just not winners, and they are adamant the cards have not come from a faulty batch, but the Sun newspaper has claimed that the Pharaoh’s Fortune cards were recalled back in February and only put back on sale two months later due to an issue with the cards, further deepening the mystery.

With two players claiming the same experience, the whole incident is starting to look like more than a simple scratch-off error and players will be watching keenly to see how this situation works out.

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