Is National Lottery Good Causes Cash Unfairly Shared

We all know that the lottery raises millions for Good Causes each year and that cash is handed out to organisations around the UK, but is the cash shared fairly?

It’s transpired that parts of London get more cash per person than other areas of the UK. The City of London and Westminster, Holborn, and St Pancras and Islington South and Finsbury received more than £1.8 billion according to research by BBC Wales. That amounts to over £4.640 per head, more than ten times that received across England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

In response the National Lottery says it distributes money based on a UK government formula and that there were a number of reasons for the disparity. These were cited as London being the headquarters of many national institutions such as art galleries and museums as well as being the headquarters of many national charities.

However, the disparity is huge. Where statistics show that cash equals around £4,640 per head in these areas of London, people in Wales receive just £450 worth of funding per person, and the rest of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland receive even less than this!

The MP for Islwyn, Chris Evans said the figures were a serious concern and called for fairer funding for deprived areas, while a National Lottery spokesperson said that if people have an idea for a community project then the National Lottery distributors would love to hear about it.

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