Greenwich Millionaire Will Lose out in One Week

Thankfully today as it’s so easy to check lottery results and so easy to buy lottery tickets securely online, unclaimed lottery prizes aren’t nearly as common as they used to be but they do still happen and one lottery winner is about to miss out if they don’t present the winning ticket to lottery offices by 17th February.

The ticket in question was a raffle winner in the EuroMillions draw right back in August last year. The ticket was purchased for the 21st August EuroMillions draw and matched the raffle number in the draw. However, almost six months has passed since the draw and if the winner doesn’t collect by 17th February, the entire prize and any interest it has accrued will be handed over to the fund for Good Causes.

We know that the ticket was sold in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, so if you buy lottery tickets in that area, you may want to think back to what you were doing last August. We were still in the midst of the heatwave, could this ticket be in a long forgotten beach bag or summer jacket? If you live in this area and buy lottery tickets it may be time to go on a search to see if you’re the holder of this million pound ticket!

Whoever bought the ticket is now a millionaire but if the ticket isn’t presented to National Lottery officials by this weekend, the prize will be lost forever!

This isn’t the only unclaimed prize sitting with the National Lottery right now, though it will be the next to expire. So let’s use this news as a little reminder to make sure you check your lottery tickets as soon as possible after the draw so you don’t miss out on a big prize!

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