EuroMillions Jackpot Heading for Maximum Cap

The EuroMillions jackpot is on a major run. It wasn’t won for weeks, and then a couple of weeks ago there was a planned Mega Draw but despite the huge jackpots no one has won.

There have been thirteen rollovers to date, pushing the next EuroMillions jackpot up to a massive €175,000,000 but the jackpot is now getting close to the EuroMillions cap and if it reaches that then it must be won.

The jackpot is the biggest of the year so far, exceeding the bumper jackpot we started the year with that ran to €129,000,000 before it was won by a single ticket holder from the UK. That prize stood as the biggest of the year but it’s also the last time the jackpot was won, and so this current jackpot has been rolling for almost the entire year so far!

If won by a single ticket holder, that player will become one of the biggest EuroMillions winners of all time. If won in the UK the player would become the second biggest EuroMillions winner the country has ever seen!

In sterling sums, the current jackpot is worth £154,000,000, a pretty substantial prize. The biggest prize ever won in the UK was £161,000,000 won by Colin and Christine Weir. In second place is the Bayfords who scooped £148,000,000 on the EuroMillions, and this current jackpot tops that!

Should the EuroMillions roll again, we could be on for the biggest ever EuroMillions winner if won in the UK as the exchange rate has a big effect on the size of UK jackpots.

However, for all this discussion on what might be, we’ll all have to now wait and see what happens in Tuesday’s EuroMillions. If you have tickets, keep them in a safe place and check them as soon as possible after the draw!

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