Transgender Group Mermaids to Receive Lottery Funding

The UK National Lottery Community Fund has confirmed that it’s to give £500,000 of lottery funding to a charity that supports transgender children with the grant to be paid over five years, after initial outcry about the funding prompted a review.

Mermaids launched in 1995 and is a UK charity providing advice and support to transgender and non-gender conforming children. As with many transgender charities, Mermaids has come under continued criticism in recent years.

The National Lottery Community Fund, formerly known as the Big Lottery Fund announced in December that they would be supporting Mermaid with this grant, to be paid over five years but the news was quickly met by anger by some campaigners.

The National Lottery Community fund received over 800 responses to the news, both in support and against the decision to award the grant and after the backlash the organisation said it would review the decision. The forty page review, published last week, summarises the concerns raised against Mermaids and concluded that there was no reason to withhold the grant. They say that as part of the grant management process they will be working closely with Mermaids to ensure they are supported in their development.

A spokesperson for Mermaids says that the charity s looking forward to delivering the project in partnership with the National Lottery Community Fund and are delighted that the outcome of the review is so positive for the charity and all the transgender and non-gender conforming children it helps.

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