Father and Daughter Jailed for Stealing Winning Lottery Ticket

A Canadian Convenience Store worker and his daughter have been jailed and fined C$4,600,000 for stealing a winning lottery ticket from a customer. Jun-Chul Chung, 68 and his daughter Kathleen, 36 were sentenced to seven and four years in prison respectively. Her brother Kenneth Chung who ran the store was also given a ten month sentence.

It all started in 2003 when Daniel Campbell bought a lottery ticket from the Variety Plus store in Burlington, Ontario after a previous ticket won him five free plays. Although Kenneth Chung managed the store, it was his father who validated the five free plays. Upon discovering that one of the free tickets was a $12,500,000 winner, he kept it and returned the four losing tickets to Mr Campbell. Afterwards his daughter Kathleen cashed in the ticket at the prize centre.

The family then used the winnings to buy mansions and luxury cars, their fraud going undetected until months later when an investigator for Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation discovered that Kathleen’s brother owned the store where the ticket was validated. Even then the fraudsters were allowed to keep the prize and it wasn’t until 2007 when a report highlighted the shocking fraud.

The original winner, Daniel Campbell finally received his winnings in 2011, where he then split it with six of his colleagues who were part of a lottery pool. Now with the case tried in court, all those accused of fraud have been found guilty.

The case has highlighted problems with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s fraud procedures and now the company will be expected to do more to prevent fraud by lottery ticket sellers. Since then the police have charged a number of winners with fraud.

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