Specialised Scratchcard Thief Jailed for 42 Weeks

A thief who specialised in stealing lottery scratchcards has been jailed after eighteen raids on shops that are also lottery outlets in York. The thief Roland Richard Benson, aged 40 stole handfuls of lottery scratchcards using distraction methods and left without paying for any of them said prosecutors before he was jailed for 42 weeks for the thefts.

The crime was not a single crime but rather something Benson specialised in as he went from supermarkets to convenience stores at least eighteen times between January 9th and February 2nd before he was finally caught. By this time he had stolen cards with a purchase value of £810.

District Judge Adrian Lower told the thief he had no choice but to jail him for the thefts and sentenced him to 36 weeks in prison, another six weeks was added to his sentence from a suspended sentence that Benson was already on during the raids.

Benson pleaded guilty to the charged saying that he was homeless and needed money for accommodation. He also claimed that he got the idea because the first theft was “almost by chance “ as the cashier walked away from the counter. The judge dismissed this stating that all the offences were clearly planned.

Benson targeted well known stores, hitting Tesco’s eight times, Sainsbury’s six times, making two raids on Morrison’s, and hitting two Spar shops.

Mitigating it was said that Benson was struggling with mental health and drug problems, but as he was already serving a suspended sentence for fraud from last year, he was imprisoned in this instance.

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