National Lottery Refuse to Pay Out £4,000,0000 After Debit Card Theft

The National Lottery has opened an investigation after lottery bosses became suspicious of a pair of scratchcard winners who attempted to claim a £4,000,000 prize.

Camelot believe that the ticket claimants, Mark Goodram, 36, and Jon-Ross Watson, 31, may have used a stolen debit card to buy the ticket. Suspicion arose when lottery bosses learned that neither claimant had a bank account to pay the prize money into, and upon investigation discovered that the card they used belonged to a friend called John. However, John was nowhere to be seen, having gone ‘up North’ according to the lottery winning pair.

Now, Camelot bosses have refused to pay out the pair from Bolton while they carry on their own internal investigation. Both winners have appeared on Bolton’s most-wanted lists over the last few years and are known criminals in the town. Watson has several convictions for fraud, and it’s alleged that this may be one more fraud, while Goodram was jailed for burglary last year.

Upon winning the £4,000,000 prize, Goodram told The Sun newspaper that he was off on a Caribbean cruise and then Las Vegas, but that he needed a passport first. Watson claimed he was going to buy luxury properties with his half of the win.

Camelot refuses to pay people with stolen tickets but don’t have strict policy outlined to deal with this situation. However, it’s not the first time they have refused to pay out a large scratchcard win. Just last year an unemployed dad was refused a £200,000 win after being accused of doctoring the card, altering a letter F to a letter E. Despite claiming the ticket was genuine, Camelot never paid out the prize.

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