Australian Man Wins Lotto After Numbers Come to Him in a Dream

A very lucky Australian man has scooped a $1,000,000 lottery prize after the numbers came to him in a dream! The lucky winner, who wishes to remain anonymous dreamed the numbers one night, thirteen years ago and has been playing them ever since. It’s not quite a case of instant karma but the numbers have come in and now he is $1,000,000 richer!

He says he dreamed the numbers thirteen years ago and immediately bought a ticket with them on. He’s very lucky, my dreams slip away the moment I open my eyes, but his stayed with him allowing him to buy a lottery ticket with the numbers on. The numbers didn’t instantly yield a prize but now they have won him this life-changing sum!

The winner checked the numbers online and realised he was the winner. He says he never gave up on the premonition and knew that one day they would come in and he would see his numbers on the results board, that day is now here.

It’s not the first time he’s won on the numbers and he says that over the years they have been lucky and yielded some small prizes, but now he’s hit the big time and is thrilled his lucky numbers have come in!

He bought the winning ticket from East Davenport Newsagents in Tasmania and despite the $1,000,000 win intends on continuing to play the numbers that have been so lucky for him!

It’s not the first time a winner has scooped a prize on numbers from a dream. Earlier this month an American winner claimed a prize worth $101,600 after she said a man came to her in a dream and gave her the numbers.

Whether luck or premonition it’s a fantastic story and we hope this unnamed winner enjoys his new found fortune!

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