Lottery scam busted in America

Fraudulent lottery scams on elderly US residents usually emanate from Jamaica, where a massive crackdown has been taking place this year (see previous EuroMillions Site reports), but this week a US-based ring was busted, Fox News reports.
Police in Stamford, Fairfield County in Connecticut report that seven local people have been arrested in connection with a scam that preyed on elderly victims around the United States. The defendants are accused of sending their ill-gotten gains out of the country to accomplices in Costa Rica. Investigators told the local media that they have so far established more than $165,000 in losses.
Thirty-one victims from across the U.S. have been identified, most of them above the age of 80. The modus operandi used was neither innovative nor sophisticated – victims were contacted by telephone or a letter and told they had won a prize. In order to collect the supposed winnings, they were directed to send money to pay taxes or fees.
A total of nine arrest warrants were issued, including one for the suspected ringleader. Police say that person is at large and may be in Costa Rica.

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