The EuroMillions lottery is fairly straightforward to understand. You pick your numbers, pay your entry fee, wait for the draw and see if you have matched any numbers. You can also buy your tickets online. However there are a few important rules regarding participation in the EuroMillions which are worth checking over as you wouldn’t want to have to forfeit any win because you have broken them.

The general guidelines below should be abided by to ensure that you are not breaking the rules of the EuroMillions lottery. These are weighted more towards players from the UK, but do cover overall participation rules.

Taking Part in the EuroMillions:

  • Participants need to be 16 or over to play the EuroMillions in the UK. It is 18 and over in most other participating European countries.
  • Each line you enter is £2.50, which is broken down into £2 to enter the EuroMillions and £0.50p for the Millionaire raffle. You cannot enter one without the other, so the cost will always be £2.50 in the UK. The EuroMillions lottery costs €2.50 in most other European countries.
  • The EuroMillions Draw and Millionaire’s Raffle will take place every Tuesday and Friday, unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you are participating in a lottery that is on a different day then the likelyhood is that it is not anything to do with the EuroMillions.
  • If you buy your EuroMillions tickets through a third party agent, then the National Lottery will no be liable for any unpaid prizes. The general advice here is to play directly through a retail outlet or through the National Lottery website to ensure you will be paid.
  • EuroMillions prizes can only be claimed in the country in which the ticket was purchased in. So if you buy your EuroMillions ticket in Spain for €2.50, you can’t claim a prize in the UK for example.

Claiming EuroMillions prizes:

  • If your EuroMillions ticket has been purchased from a retail outlet then the EuroMillions authority (Camelot in the UK) will typically veiw the owner of the ticket as the winner and not necessarily the purchaser. Therefore you are strongly advised to keep hold of your ticket if buying offline. A better way to avoid all of this is buy your EuroMillions tickets online through the National Lottery website and that way there can be no confusion as it will be your account.
  • EuroMillions prizes need to be claimed 180 days of the winning draw taking place. If you do not claim within this time frame then your prize will be forfeited and donated to various causes on your behalf. Claiming periods in other European countries may be shorter, so it is adisable to check these claiming periods before taking part.

These general guidelines are accurate, but if you want a complete list of the official EuroMillions rules then you should contact the lottery provider in your respected country or visit their website and search for a complete list of rules for this lottery.