Lotto Winner Invests in Crystal Meth Ring

When you have a big lottery win, you might be advised to take some financial advice and possibly even make an investment or two, but we wouldn’t advise that you make any of those investments illegal! According to federal prosecutors these were the actions of Ronnie Music Jr who’s accused of investing a $3,000,000 scratchcard win in a crystal meth trafficking ring!

Ronnie Music, 45, could have turned his life around with his $3,000,000 lottery win, but now he faces several decades behind bars after pleading guilty to federal drug trafficking and firearm charges during his plea hearing last week.

Evidence presented in the case suggests that Music used his lottery win to invest in a group to create and distribute meth amphetamine throughout Georgia. Several of his co-conspirators were caught attempting to sell around 11 lb of crystal meth with a value of more than $500,000, and they in turn named Ronnie Music as the man behind the operation.

Prosecutors think that upon winning the lottery cash, Music thought he’d try his luck and invested the money into a business distributing crystal meth. The result of this investment is ultimately that Music will be spending the best years of his life now in a federal prison. He may have pictured a big fancy house when he realised he’d won $3,000,000 on a scratchcard, but we doubt he had one with bars on the window in mind.

Of all the legal things you can do with a big lottery win, it seems a real shame that this winner couldn’t think of anything more creative to invest his win in!

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